Sadhus gather in Banavara for weeklong spiritual event


Sadhus taking part in a ‘homa’ as part of the ‘Sadhu Santa Samagama’ at Banavara in Hassan district on Monday.

Banavara village in Arsikere taluk wore a saffron hue on Monday as nearly 150 sadhus from across the country gathered for the weeklong ‘Sadhu Santa Samagama’. The event, organised by the Sri Sadguru Dattatreya Vishwastha Mandali, will include ‘homas’, special address by the sadhus and cultural programmes. Saffron flags have been put up all over the village.

Such an event has been organised for the first time in Banavara. The residents gathered in large numbers to welcome the sadhus who arrived at around 6 a.m.

Banavara is where Krishna Yogindra Saraswathi Paramahamsa, a Sadguru, chose to enter ‘sajeeva samadhi’ (entering the grave alive). His influence gave birth to the Vishwastha Mandali.

As part of its activities, the mandali has organised the event, spending around Rs. 60 lakh. Banavara is a drought-prone area of the district. Karthik, one of the organisers, said: “We are hopeful that the place will be blessed by the assembly of so many sadhus.”

A couple of sadhus told the media that they had come to Banavara with the intention of spreading the message of Sanatana Dharma and to wish for the well-being of all people. Hours after the sadhus reached the place, hundreds of people from neighbouring places thronged Banavara to seek their blessings.

The sadhus took part in Ganapati Adharvasheersha Chaturdravya Homa. In the afternoon, they took out a Shobha Yatra in the village.

Source: The Hindu