Sayeed’s comments tantamount to treason: Shiv Sena

Mumbai: The recent comments by Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed on Pakistan and hanged parliament attack convict Afzal Guru tantamount to “treason” and “contempt of Supreme Court”, the Shiv Sena said on Saturday.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) earlier this month allied with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to form the government in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Right after the swearing-in ceremony at which Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present, Sayeed credited Pakistan and Pakistani-supported terrorists for allowing the peaceful elections in Jammu and Kashmir,” the Shiv Sena said.

A day later, Sayeed and his PDP demanded handing over of the remains of hanged terrorist Afzal Guru – who was guilty of the attack on Indian parliament – to the state.

The Shiv Sena pointed out that the credit for successful elections vests with the Election Commission, the people who queued up braving terror threats, and the Indian armed forces which fights terrorists 24×7.

“However, by crediting Pakistan and terrorists, Sayeed has insulted all of them (EC, people and armed forces), and by demanding remnants of Afzal Guru, he has crossed all limits of treason,” the Shiv Sena said in a stinging edit in party mouthpiece Saamana.

“After all, Afzal Guru was a criminal, and sympathising with him tantamounts to a contempt of Supreme Court and a bonfire of Indian laws. If Sayeed continues in this vein, the country will have to pay a heavy price,” it warned, adding that even the BJP would have to suffer for allying with PDP in governing the border state.

Lashing out at the PDP patron, the Shiv Sena said those who know the Sayeed family and their PDP would never have allied with it, nor was Sayeed ever regarded as a patriotic Indian.

“The BJP’s courage and stubbornness (to form the government in Jammu and Kashmir) is astounding…,” it said.

Even the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS) trusted man and now BJP general secretary, Ram Madhav, who was engaged in government formation talks, had no response to Sayeed’s statements, though Modi unequivocally declared in parliament that the government was not in agreement with Sayeed’s views.

Accusing Sayeed of never missing an opportunity to demand an independent Kashmir and even taking a pro-Pakistan stance, the Shiv Sena said he also supported Pakistan when it proclaimed terrorists as “freedom-fighters”, and some such elements had won elections through the PDP.

Source: Gulf News