Secularism means anti-Hinduism ! – Gurudev Dr. Kateswamiji

The greatest tragedy of Hindus in India is that they are being forced to witness modern corruption and secularism. They have to see the most sordid, cheap and corrupt form of secularism. Nehru and his followers glorified secularism. They gave such inhuman and corrupt form to secularism. In the name of secular country, Hindus’ Sanatan Dharma, Sanatan culture which is the legacy of Hindus, Sanskrut language are being throttled and banished under the veil of secularism. Kanishka was suffocated to death using his blanket; similarly, under the blanket of secularism, Hindus’ such Sanatan legacy, Sanatan Dharma and culture are being throttled. Secularism means opposition to Hindus !’

Anti-Hindu secular Indian Government is using all its money and muscle to declare Sanskrut language as ‘dead’. If for proving Indian secularism, Sanskrut is not to be taught; then should one learn Arabic, Chinese or Japanese ? Why is there ban on teaching Holy Scriptures of Hindus like Ramayana, Mahabharata, ‘Puranas’ etc. in educational institutes ? Whyban on Sanskrut ? How far should Hindus go against their culture and life ? Is it wise ? Why should only secular people make laws of this country ? So much oppression ! If we are not able to study our ‘Shruti-Smruti’, ‘Puranas’ in Hindustan, where do we study about our legacy ? At Harward ? Or at Chicago, Oxford or Cambridge ?’

Source : Dainik Santan Prabhat