Sinjar Protection Force is not Kurdish Peshmarga


– From the media center of Sinjar Protection Force

We are not Peshmarga as being demanded; we are a Yezidi force made up of Yezidis and for the protection of the Yezidis: As it usually does, the Kurdish news Channel “Rudaw” has made another lie about the Sinjar protection force and to its audience publicly . It announced that the Yezidi fighters in Sinjar Mountain has announced their affiliation publicly and voluntarily to the Kurdish Peshmarga. The channel presenter did not stop at that , but he has also referred clearly and very publicly to these Yezidi fighters considering them as supporters of a certain political party.

We “Sinjar protection forces” confirm that this news is fabricated and not true.  We want to assure you all that we are a independent Yezidi force and we do not accept and have not accepted to be Peshmarga under demand of any political party nor do we belong to one. We are a Yezidi force present on the ground and are fighting ISIS voluntarily for four and half months now, defending  the presence of Yezidis, their honesty, their land, their generosity, and their pride. At the early beginnings of Sinjar protection force formation , we have announced that we are a force from Yezidis and will stand for the Yezidis  till death and we will stay Yezidis under the Yezidi flag. We will stay Yezidis. We will never sell out  the Yezidi rights for anything. Sinjar protection force is a Special force from Sinjar people which was basically found to protect Yezidis in Sinjar and in Kurdistan in general especially after the 74th genocide. Sinjar protection force has the right as any other Iraqi national force to defend  Iraqi lands and make sure that the country is for all Iraqis regardless of their religion, nationality, ethnicity or any other group. Therefore Sinjar protection force is a part of the Iraqi ministry of defense.

This is not the first time that Rudaw has fabricated the news for certain political parties by publishing false information . For example Rudaw has published and announced so many times that the Yezidi Religious temple ( Sharaf Al Deen ) was exploded by ISIS which was completely wrong and a rumor for political goals. Our main mission is to release Sinjar and to protect our people against any danger now and in the future. We also want to publicly announce that we are ready to co-operate or co- ordinate with any Iraqi national force whether they are Peshmarga, Iraqi army or the Iraqi civilian forces to conduct this mission , but on a condition that we will do that as par tenets to protect Iraq , wherein we will protect the rights of Yezidis as special and the rights of all Iraqis in general because Iraq is for all Iraqis and we all need to protect it and it’s people as well.

We have had declared many times that we are not a sectarian force as some accused us with that, but , on the contrary, we are a Yezidi independent force which is ready to protect both Yezidis and Iraqis and we are ready to participate in any regional or international alliance to defeat the ISIS because it is a terrorist group which stands against all of humanity. We as Yezidis , we have promised ourselves  and all Yezidis who are defending  their religion  that we will defend  the presence of Yezidis , sacred places, and honesty till the last drop of our blood. This Yezidi force would not have been formed , if the Yezidis would not be in very need of it, if the withdrawal of thousands of Kurdish Peshmarga troops and Kurdish security forces ( Asaeesh ) and Kurdish intelligence forces from Sinjar after ISIS attack and  without fighting ISIS had not happened  on August 3,2014.  This led  to the killing of 5000 innocent Yezidis.  2000 women were captured, and 7000 women and kids were abducted, more than 400,000 Yezidis were displace and migrated into Kurdistan areas and the neighboring countries.

Sinjar protection force as a Yezidi legal force is very necessary for the Yezidis at this time more than any other previous period of time. We will not part with it , or accept any dependency to any political party. We as an independent Yezidi protection force , Out goal is to make Iraq as a country for all Iraqis and save Sinjar.  We will also not accept to belong to any force except the Iraqi ministry of defense. We ” Sinjar protection force” is from the Yezidis and is for the Yezidis. We are not dependent on anyone. We will follow nationality, we will follow Iraq as a country for all Iraqis, we will follow Yezidis and  we will follow Sinjar.

Source: WHN Network

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