‘Siya ke Ram’, new mythological series set to launch in India

mahabharatCaptureIndian TV is set for another blockbuster mythological TV series, with the popular Hindi entertainment channel, Star Plus, announcing “Siya Ke Ram,” a series that follows the life of Rama, incarnation of the god Vishnu, and protagonist of the Ramayana.

The show will be produced by Triangle Film Company, the makers of another popular mythological series, Mahadev.


Star Plus, which finished airing its extremely popular mythological series, Mahabharat last year, which was pulling in 9.3 million viewers a week, will hope to capitalize on the audience’s interest and is planning to build momentum right from the get go.


Both Mahabharat and Ramayana are ancient Indian epics, and considered literary classics. Besides their literary importance, they are also seen in Hinduism as chronicles of the lives of Krishna and Rama, the avatars of the god Vishnu. According to cosmic cycle of epochs, known as yugas, in Hinduism, the Mahabharat falls just before the beginning of the last and darkest epoch, the Kali Yuga, which is said to be ongoing right now. The Ramayana falls a few thousand years before the Mahabharat.


There is no word yet on the expected date of telecast, but shooting and production will launch in a few weeks. According to the Times of India, “Nothing has been decided yet. The show got commissioned and immediately they decided to put out a promo. Star was scared that the idea might get stolen, hence they just put up the teaser. The show will take its own sweet time to hit the floor. Even the main plot is yet to get decided. The show will chronicle the journey of Ram and Sita. So far, we have only looked at Ramayan from Maryada Purushottam Ram’s perspective. But this show will highlight Sita’s perspective and their love story.”

Source: digitaljournal.com