Solar Power Lamps Distributed to Pakistani Hindu Refugees based out of Jodhpur -India

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based Chopsani Rd. and Mandor Gokul ji ka pyau. The lamps were arranged and purchased by young Sindhi youth association and other members from visiting US based persons which was later handed over to VHP persons for donations.

Vikram Parihar, a VHP member is regional (Rajasthan area) for this relief efforts of Pakistani Hindu refugee relief project under the guidance of Jodhpur based VHP chief,Shri. Bhawar Lal Chowdary. The project plans to donate footwears and other items of necessity to Hindu refugees based at Delhi in next 1-2 weeks.

The project is being supported by mutiple US based Hindu organizations.
Rahul Chandra, from VHPA is Global Director for this project which focusses on providing relief in terms of shelter, food, clothing, education, legal assitance, jobs etc. to Pakistani Hindu refugees based in India.

In the upcoming Hindu conference at California Bay – organizaed by Global Hindu Foundation (GHF), the project will be presented to Bay area and other regions based Hindus and more involvement in terms of monetary donations, project team membership expansion, establishment of Sindh Hindu heritage programs and sysncronizing the supply chain of ‘Pakistani Hindu Refugee Relief Program’ are planned.

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