If we see the manner in which Sankaracharya Swamy Jayendra Saraswathi was arrested it becomes clear that he is being implicated under a conspiracy.
Why Swamy Jayendra Saraswathi was arrested? If some one wants to know, than, he must try to know, what kind of work he was doing for Hindu society before arrest.
Shri Jayendra Saraswati was not happy with the condition of Hindu society. He was also worried about the Missionary activities in Tamilnadu in Particular and whole Bharat in general.
To reduce the activities and influence of Christian missionary Shri Jayendra Saraswati decided to extend activities of his mutt.
First in 1987 he launched ‘Jana Kalyan Jagaran’. It had two different areas of operation – service to the people and awakening the masses. In his speech he also referred to flow of “foreign funds” to certain religious groups and the “division” of these funds for “Conversion”.
In 1980 there was communal tension between Hindus and Christians over temple festivals in Kanyakumari district. The conversion of a substantial number of Dalits in Tiruneveli district received countrywide attention.
In Tamil Nadu, the AIADMK government appointed Shri Jayendra Saraswati head of a State level committee on protection of temple property. The State government brought in an act in 2002 to prevent “forcible” conversions.
The Second area in which Shri Jayendra Saraswati extend his activity was renunciation of Dalits. Dalits in Tamil Nadu were prime target of Christian Missionary. Shri Jayendra Saraswati started visiting slums and advised them to lead a better life and started so many welfare schemes for them. This has substantially reduced the influence of Christian Missionaries.
He made all endeavour to mediate in the Ayodhaya dispute and was about to break a solution but failed due to some inexplicable reasons.
In 2004 when NDA lost power from the centre it became clear that all efforts would be made to curtail the activity of Shri Jayendra Saraswati.
The Jayalaleetha government in Tamil Nadu lost Lok Sabha poll in 2004. It was due to her anti-employee activity. But she tried to put blame on NDA. Ms. J. Jayalaleetha was trying hard to improve her relation with congress. Death of A. Sankararaman gave her a chance to curtail the activity of Shri Jayendra Saraswati.
Today India is in a greater crisis than ever before. Sonia Gandhi, the daughter of an Italian Fascist who came in through the backdoor, controls our nation. In Manmohan Singh she got the ultimate pliable and controllable PM. 7
She had put Christians in control of congress and the party has become the den of traitors, helpers to Christian missionaries, and Muslim terrorists. 7
Coming from a nation known for its Mafia, Maino is now testing the waters in India with the most outrageous arrest of a Hindu Seer, to see how Indians are going to react. Arrest was done so meticulously from behind so that no one will see her role in it. During the last election the church had sent volunteers in many cities for house-to-house vote canvassing and many church leaders openly called the Christians to vote for Sonia Gandhi. The present arrest of the Seer is facilitated by the networking Christian bureaucrats. Once the so-called Dravidian party leaders are out, congress can take full control of Tamil Nadu. 7
Jayalalitha the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu state in India had ordered the arrest of a Hindu Seer, the Kanchi Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati in a draconian manner in the night on the Hindu festival day of Dipawali the 11th of November 2004 alleging that the 71 year old Seer had murdered an ex-employee of his mutt by name Sankararaman working in another temple in Kancheepuram. The arrest of the Seer was done in such a haste to insult the Hindu majority community in India and is seen as the result of meticulous planning by the fanatic Christian missionaries in India aided by some foreign spy agencies. 7
The arrest of the Seer is seen as ordered by Sonia Gandhi, the Super PM of India. Seer was arrested in Andhra Pradesh to avenge the arrest of a Muslim terrorist ‘Maulana Nseeruddin’ on the night of October 31st 2004, by the Gujarat Police in Hyderabad for the murder of an ex-minister of Gujarat, Haren Pandya. Nseeruddin is the president of Tehreek Taifooz Sher-e-islam and have links with Lashkr-e-toiba (LeT). His supporters are activists of the notorious Jehad-o-Shahadat (DJS), based in Hyderabad that had trained thousands of women Jihadis for decades and was beheading Hindus. DJS was abducting people in the city bus stops, for over a year after Gujarat riots, offering free lifts, take the persons to isolated Hyderabad suburbs, lift their dhothi to make sure that they are not circumcised and indeed are Hindus, and then cut their heads off in standard Islamic fashion. Hundreds were killed like this and it came to light when one of the victims with injuries reported the crime to the police. Chandrababu Naidu hushed up the whole incident. 7
The Seer was arrested by sending an armed group of policemen carrying assault rifles, in government planes thus violating government regulations. The police team traveled without the permission from the Director General of Civil aviation and without filing a flight plan which are mandatory. These things and secrecy of the arrest, indicates the operational clearance at the PM level. Seer was held in an operation similar to the arrest of an international terrorist to discredit Hindus. The method of arrest violated all Supreme Court guidelines and was a clear case of human right violation. But unfortunately NHRC is also more worried for the right of terrorist and antinational elements than normal citizen. The Seer could have been comfortably arrested in Chennai, but Sonia Gandhi wanted to show that a Hindu spiritual leader was arrested in Andhra Pradesh ruled by Congress on the Hindu festival day of Dipawali. 7
Full co-operation was provided in Andhra by the Christian Chief Minister Rajashekhar Reddy, who sport his Hindu name in public, by deputing another Christian policeman by name B.R. Dumas who is the SP of Mehaboobnagar. For the Gujarat police team this overt help was not extended and consequently the Gujarat policemen had to fire at the attacking Muslim crowd, in which one Muslim was killed, before they could arrest the Muslim terrorist. 7
Apparently Maino might have offered the closing of the cases against Jayalalitha in return for giving the spiritual head of Hindu society on a platter. Our nation is famous for Jaichands and Jayalalitha has proved to be one now. 7
In normal course Seer’s arrest should have been carried out only after capturing the gang leader of the hit team known as ‘Appu’, alias Krishnaswamy, a well-known history sheeter and a DMK activist. Police have made no effort to track Appu or arrest him. Appu and one of the many wives of DMK chief Karunanidhi, ‘Dayalu Ammal’ are said to be connected. When Karunanidhi was the chief minister, Appu was allotted one room in the house of Dayalu Ammal when Dayalu stayed at the Oliver roadhouse. Appu was the henchman of the former DMK minister Arcot Veerasamy of the Karunanidhi cabinet. Appu was the uncrowned king of the rowdies of Chennai. 7
Police claims that he was the gang leader of the team that carried out the murder. So the brain behind the murder could only be DMK. Their involvement is also clear from the fact that DMK and the media controlled by it were asking as to why the government is not arresting the culprits. DMK party was organizing street protests and media coverage on Sankararaman’s murder from day one. The murder occurred in September and in the normal course, it takes months and years to complete an investigation in India. There are hundreds of murders in Tamil Nadu every month and a party like DMK’s insistence on the arrest of murder culprits of an insignificant Hindu temple employee is very surprising. 7
Sankararaman had written letters saying that if ever he is murdered, it will be by Kanchi Shankaracharya Sri Jayendra Saraswati. Apparently DMK or some one had seen an opportunity to fix AIADMK and its supremo Jayalalitha and weaken her political base with a single murder. The main policeman who investigated the crime is very close to Karunanidhi and it is not surprising that the effort of police was concentrated in framing the Seer from the beginning. The police have not even questioned Karunanidhi, his wife Dayalu, or Arcot Veerasamy to find out the whereabouts of Appu. 7
The selection of Christians and crypto Christians for the investigation and prosecution is seen in this case. (Crypto Christians are those who on government record remains as Hindu for the reservation benefit, but they are converted to Christianity for generations. An example is the case of Ajit Jogi. Even students who get reservation seats in all IITs fall in this category of Christian fraud) External agencies must have funded the operation of arrest. It is very much possible that once the utility of DMK is over in this conspiracy, and in the absence of Karunanidhi, Congress will blame Karunanidhi and take over the DMK cadre. Jayalalitha’s AIADMK is out of public favor if the last parliamentary election is an indication. 7
The very nature of the murder of Sankararaman was for fixing the Seer. The modus operandi adopted was to kill Sankararaman is revealing. Murder was in broad daylight to create maximum sensation. If the murder was a revenge killing to eliminate the nuisance value it would have been done very discreetly and without leaving any evidence by the Appu alias Krishnaswamy and his assistant by name Chinna alias Rajni whom the police claim as the professional killers who committed the murder. Both Appu and Chinna are at large. But when DMK chief Karunanidhi and Sonia Gandhi put pressure on Jayalalitha for the arrest of Seer, Jayalalitha’s trusted policemen had booked another Rajni, a small time offender and tortured him to confess to the crime. The police showed some Rupee bundles issued by the ICICI bank, and claimed that it was the money paid by the Seer for the murder. Later when the Kanchi Mutt made public statement that they had no bank account with ICICI, the police was in a fix and they are looking for all devotees living in and around Kancheepuram, who had ICICI bank account. One basic question anyone will ask is about the type of policemen of Tamil Nadu. 7
It is looking like DMK and AIADMK are vying with each other to please the anti-national catholic Sonia Gandhi by fixing the Hindu Seer on a Dipawali. This is like arresting Shahi Imam on Id-ul-fitr or Pope on a Christmas day. Putting the Seer in Vellore jail, which is a well-known Christian centre, is at the orders of Sonia Gandhi to insult further the Hindu community. Jayalalitha wants to join the Congress coalition in the next election to retain her power. Out of power she could permanently inside the smelly prison of Chennai. 7
K Premkumar, Superintendent of Police of Kancheepuram was transferred to Cuddalore as SP on 2 September, 2004. Sankararaman was murdered on 3rd September, 2004. A Christian by name S. Davidson Devasirvatham was posted at Kancheepuram as the Superintendent of Police. Five men went to Kancheepuram Varadarajaswamy temple and stabbed Sankararaman at around 5.30 pm, but two clerks Ganesh and Duraikannan, sitting in the same room, when murder was going on, claim that they shut their eyes and did not see the faces of any of the murderers. Davidson Devasirvatham investigated and implicated Seer in the crime. K. Doraiswamy who is a Christian was the Public Prosecutor and he calls the Seer a “CRIMINAL” even before the trial. He argued against providing pooja facilities to the Seer. When counsel of acharya pleaded before court for an “interim arrangement”, which would allow him to perform puja every day from morning to evening. TN government said that “There is a limit for special treatment. He is the most undeserving criminal, deserving no special treatment.” Public Prosecutor Christian K Doraisamy also said that he was embarrassed by the presence of a former Madras High Court judge T S Arunachalam in the court during the initial hearing. A Christian advocate Senthil Kumar, opposing the grant of bail to Seer filed a petition alleging that the Shankaracharya, if released on bail, might harass witnesses. He was also one of the rowdies that attacked the Hindu protesters at the court. Another Christian advocate ‘Wilfred Prakash filed a frivolous habeas corpus writ petition in the Madras high court seeking the release of Seer. Many Christian advocates of Chennai High court demonstrated with placards decrying the murder as well as demanding the closure of the 2000-year-old Hindu Mutt. 7
All these indicated a massive Christian planning behind the murder and the arrest of Seer. The Christian lawyers of Madras High court shouted slogans against granting bail to the Seer. It was not long ago that a Judicial officer had issued an arrest warrant against the Indian president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam after accepting bribe. The demonstration by the Chennai Christian lawyers against the granting of bail to the Seer, speaks volumes of the level to which the legal profession has gone down in India. The anti Shankaracharya Christian lawyer protesters along with the Christian NGOs attacked the Hindu activists who were protesting the arrest of the Seer. Many were hurt in that incident. 7
On talking to constables outside Vellore jail it was gathered that policemen had come drunk in celebration of the arrest of Seer. They misbehaved with the Seer and one constable said that the officials in the name of interrogation made fun of Seer and asked him if he would share their chicken curry. According to some constables the Shankaracharya was silent throughout and has not talked anything. The police officials partied by drinking that night. Late in the night one of the senior policemen slapped the Seer repeatedly asking the Seer to confess the crime. On 19th November 2004, the Magistrate in Kancheepuram, G. Uthamaraj remanded the Seer for three days in Police custody. 7
On November 24, Kathiravan and Rajni were brought to the Kancheepuram magistrate’s court for extending their judicial remand. At that time Kathiravan wished to make a statement. The prosecution protested, `his confession having been recorded in camera, he should not be allowed to speak’! The court overruled, asked Kathiravan to write his statement. As his hand had been rendered inoperative by the police bashing, the magistrate himself recorded his statement. 7
In the next few minutes, speaking extempore, Kathiravan demolished the police case against the Acharya, exposed them as fabricators of the case against him. He told the court that he, along with his friends, was arrested on November 3. Not, as the police lied, on November 9. [His lawyers had recorded this fact on Nov 3 itself] That between November 4 and November 8, under police torture he said what the police wanted him to say. That he was kept in a Marwari’s house in Uthandi, on the outskirts of Chennai for two days and beaten black and blue. That he was shown to different persons as Kathiravan [so that they may say they knew him, even though they did not know him]. That from Nov 4 to 8, he was kept in `Paramount Hotel’ in Sriperumpudur in Room nos 108 and 109, and was tortured to confess `as the police wanted’. That he was made to sign on blank sheets. That on Nov 9, he was made to stay in the office of the Additional Superintendent of Police, Kancheepuram, and in the night made to say, `whatever the police wanted him to say’ in front of a video camera and in the presence of the Tehsildar. That he was remanded the next day, November 10. That between Nov 15 and 17 he was pressurised to make judicial confession under sec 164 of the Penal Code `as the police wanted’. That he was not allowed to meet his relatives, his brother too was arrested. That…. Kathiravan went on. 7
All this Kathiravan told a stunned court and the public totally spontaneously. He corroborated his statements with events, places, and dates. He demonstrated that the police were fixing the Acharya through him. He admitted that his confessions to the police and to the Tehsildar, used to arrest the Acharya, were obtained under duress. So the star witness against the Acharya in the court is today the star witness against the police in public. 7
But the more dangerous is the testimony of Rajni alias Chinna who also said that he was bashed up for days to tell lies against himself and the Acharya. He lost his teeth in police bashing. He exhibited his injuries to the court. What he said was also identical to what Kathiravan said. Yet both had never met before. He may be the smoking gun against the police who know he is not involved in the crime at all! He is a petty pickpocket, cannot even wield a blade, according to insiders. 7
Rajni also claimed to have a copy of the telegram he had sent to the Chief Justice of the Madras High Court complaining of the torture! Statements of Kathiravan and Rajni are highly corroborated, also spontaneous. They were all along in police custody. Even their relatives were not allowed to meet them. 7
Now after what Kathiravan and Rajni told the Magistrate at Kancheepuram, not the Sankaracharya, but the police stand accused. But still it is Sankaracharya who is in jail and those who are accused of fixing him by fabrication are keeping him in jail. This bizarre situation is a product of a perverted investigation and an equally perverted decision to arrest the Sankaracharya on the basis of a perverted investigation. Yes the prosecution has all but collapsed. The only question is who will do the funeral for it and when. It can happen forthwith if the State realises it has been misled by police. Or years later though courts. Emboldened by the dishonesty of the media the police may still attempt more fabrication to fix the Acharya. But it will get into more trouble and also get the government into more embarrassment. But who will admit that the case is dead? Neither the media, which virtually turned the prosecutor, nor the State whose police, is the fixer. Then who, except the court? 7
With this retraction of the charges made against the Kanchi Seer by two key witnesses, Jayalalitha within two days hurriedly shuffled the police personal to avoid embarrassment. As ordered by Sonia Gandhi, she even upgraded the post of Chief of Tamil Nadu Intelligence wing from Asst DGP to DGP, promoted and posted a Christian A.X. Alexander who was shunted out by her in 2001, so that Antonio Maino can keep an eye on Tamil Nadu. 7
In his truthful and the cutting edge analysis the well known Shri. S. Gurumurthy had laid open the helplessness of the peace loving Hindu community, which is being targeted by inimical forces in the governments and media, and says that only funeral is left for the arrest episode. Janata Party president Dr Subramaniam Swamy has said that the arrest and remand of Kanchi seer Jayendra Saraswathi was “clearly premature”. He later stated that Sonia Gandhi had conspired with external agencies and put pressure on Jayalalitha, who is vulnerable because of the court cases against her on corruption charges, to destroy the Kanchi Mutt. This is part of the Christian missionary agenda. The churches are sore that the Kanchi Shankaracharya has been successful in starting schools and building temples in Dalit areas coveted by the missionaries for their conversion activities. 7
There was an earlier murder attempt on two devotees, before the Sankararaman’s murder. In that attempt both the devotees, Madhavan and S. Radhakrishnan survived the murder attempt. Conveniently the police never cracked the case even though they claim now that it was carried out by the same Appu gang. Had that murder attempt was successful the Seer would have been framed for their murder earlier. It was well known that the police never bothered to crack this case earlier as that attempt did not result in death. New arrest warrant was issued against the Seer on this murder attempt to trap him in the notorious anti people legal system of India, by Jayalalitha. 7
The arrest of the Seer is unforgivable affront to the Hindu community. Hindus are not violent like Muslims and not networked or funded by external agencies like Christians. These alien religions want to convert the whole of India. The small differences among the Hindus are utilized by these external and foreign religions, Christianity and Islam. This is the reason for centuries of subjugation of Hindus by small groups of violent foreigners. The imprisonment of Seer on murder charges, and his police custody was to manufacture evidence and insult Hindus. The anti Hindu media funded by Muslim and Christian nations had convicted the Seer. Today power brokers are prostitutes, film actors and actresses, pimps, thieves, mass murderers, fake currency and fake stamp paper printers, Muslim terrorists etc. Even Judges like J.P. Singh had to ask the help of notorious terrorist Dawood Ibrahim to collect back the amounts due to him. 7
Jayalalitha the film actress turned politician who came up from the casting couch of yesteryear tamil film world, was elected to power by the film crazy tamilians. She is the symbol of corruption goddess if the court cases against her are any indication. Supreme court had ordered the transfer of cases pending against her out of Tamil Nadu to prevent her influence. When Karunanidhi was in power in 1996, his policemen had arrested Jayalalitha, systematically tortured and lodged her in a stinking cell of Chennai Central Jail. Jayalalitha when in power retaliated in 2001 by arresting 78-year-old Karunanidhi shortly after midnight, and tortured him. 7
Union Commerce Minister Murasoli Maran was injured and was taken to the police station. Murasoli Maran was later admitted to the Apollo Hospital and eventually passed away. The BJP government could neither dismiss Jayalalitha government nor was able to even transfer three policemen who tortured the central ministers as demanded by the DMK. That eventually led to the parting of ways between ruling partner DMK with BJP and cost dearly for BJP when it lost the last parliamentary election. (One of the cops in that was a Muslim Mohamed Ali and the present UPA government had arrested him for his involvement in the Rs 60000 crore fake stamp paper scam run by Telgi.). 7
With more vigour Jayalalitha over reached herself and arrested in her characteristic fashion, the Hindu Seer who is the symbol of Hindu religion. 7
The Justice Jain Commission, which investigated the conspiracy behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, in its interim report, stated that Karunanidhi, who was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu during 1989-91, had links with the assassins. DMK was seen forcing this issue of murder of Sankararaman. Only future can tell us, as to where these events can lead the destinies of Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi, and Sonia Gandhi who are the principal actors in the Seer’s arrest. 7
Tamil politicians are from film world and their low background, lack of education and inferiority complex reflect on what is going on in Tamil Nadu politics today. The present arrest of Seer is the result of a filmy type plot, with external funding and organized with the help of Christian bureaucrats in Chennai. (One is forced to remember the case of Mathew of Home ministry who was spying for Tehelka, charge sheeted by CBI, but rehabilitated now by Sonia Gandhi). Tamil Nadu policemen are known for custodial rape, abduction and rape and corruption and a bunch of them currently are being investigated by CBI for abduction and rape of a woman ‘Sivakasi Jayalakshmi”. 7
Where will this arrest episode will lead? The conspirators have achieved their end result. The Seer arrest is similar to the ISRO spy case initiated by CIA with the help of Christian policemen of Kerala state in India. In this two space scientists were accused of spying, arrested and tortured to fabricate evidence. This was to stop India developing the Cryogenic motor for the space rockets. It is time that Hindus should unite to stop the Christian menace in India. The arrest may even have something to do with the Joshua project, which is aimed at total conversion of the world to Christianity. 7
On counter investigation we found the case against the Sankaracharya slippery. Now it turns out that the case is not just slippery, but actually groundless from day one. Not just that, it involves a bit of fabrication too. Yes, fabrication to fix the Acharya. The police are now running for cover. They may not give up yet, may fabricate more to put the case, which is virtually dead, on life support system. But the case is irretrievably lost. This dramatic turn came on Wednesday in Kancheepuram Magistrate’s court. The two criminals, on whom the police had exclusively `relied’ to name the Sankaracharya as an accused in the case, have actually turned to accuse the police as fabricators of the case itself!
On January 10, 2005 the Supreme Court granted bail to Shri Jayendra Saraswati, setting aside the order of the Madras High Court, which had denied him bail twice, on November 20 and December 8, 2004. A three-member Bench of the Supreme Court, comprising Chief Justice R.C. Lahoti and Justices G.P. Mathur and P.P. Naolekar, said in their 17-page order that the 39 letters written by Sankararaman to Jayendra Saraswati did not constitute a motive for the murder. 4
The Bench said: “In our opinion, the recovery of these letters from the house of the deceased himself is not a proof of the fact that they were actually received by the petitioner (Jayendra Saraswati) or were brought to his notice.” 4
It ruled that “there is absolutely no evidence collected in the investigation that the petitioner made any kind of protest or took any kind of action against the deceased” the court further said “there is absolutely no evidence or material collected so far in the investigation which may indicate that the petitioner had ever shown any resentment against the deceased for having made allegations against either his personal character or the discharge of his duties as the Sankaracharya of the mutt. The petitioner having kept absolutely quiet for over three years, it does not appeal to reason that he suddenly decided to have Sankararaman murdered and entered into a conspiracy for the said purpose,” 4
The Bench pointed out that the prosecution’s stand, when the Madras High Court twice heard Jayendra Saraswathi’s bail petitions, was that Rs. 50 lakhs was withdrawn from the mutt’s account in the ICICI Bank at Kancheepuram to be paid to the contract killers. Although the Bench directed the prosecution to give particulars of the bank account from which the money was withdrawn, ” no document of the account in the ICICI Bank have been produced in support of the plea which was twice taken by the prosecution before the High Court while opposing the prayer for bail by the petitioner”. 4
The State government then took a different stand – that Jayendra Saraswathi paid to the contract killers the advance (Rs. 50 lakhs) he received for the sale of the Kanchi Janakalyan Trust. But, the Bench pointed out that the Rs. 50 lakhs, which was received in cash on April 30, 2004, was deposited in Indian Bank, Sankara Mutt branch, on May 7, 2004 (that is, four months before Sankararaman’s murder). It said: “This belies the prosecution case which was developed subsequently after the order had been passed by this Court on December 17, 2004 directing the State to produce copy of the ICICI Bank account, that the cash was retained by the petitioner (Jayendra Saraswathi) from which substantial money was paid to the hirelings.” 4When state government found that bail has been granted to Shri Jayendra Saraswati, 70 police personnel led by Premkumar entered the mutt premises at Kanchipuram and arrested Vijayendra Saraswathi. This shows the clear intention of the State government.