Space for cremation shed demanded

‘Maruththuvar’ community members submit petition

Members of ‘Maruththuvar Samuthaya Munnetra Sangam’ submitted a petition to Mayor E. Bhuvaneshwari on Tuesday seeking a space for creating a cremation shed for their community at Vellakovil cremation ground, as allotted to other communities.

The petitioners said that over 300 families of ‘Maruththuvar’ community were living in Palayamkottai area, but they did not have a separate cremation shed as the Corporation had not allotted a space for it as had been done in the case of other communities in the past.

“Whenever someone from our community dies, we’ve to approach other community leaders to get their permission for using the cremation shed being used by them. Hence, the Corporation should allot a space for constructing cremation shed exclusively for ‘Maruththuvar’ community at Vellakovil cremation ground on the banks of the Tamirabharani,” said R. Subbiah, president of the sangam.

Source: The Hindu