Spanish girl opts Sanatan Dharma after visiting Allahabad Kumbh

Ujjain :  A 26-year-old Spanish girl visited the Kumbh Mela of Allahabad in 2013 and got so much amazed from the penance of Sadhus that she embraced the Sanatan Dharma leaving behind all the material comforts of her life.

Parvat-Mariya-GiriThe Spanish girl is now known as Parvati Mariya Giri and made Mahant Ramesh Giri of Juna Akhara as her Guru. Mahant Giri while talking to Free Press said, Parvati Mariya Giri witnessed my penance in Allahabad Kumb and became my disciple and in this Simhastha fair she has become fully fledged Sanyasin. Initially, I elucidated her kind of penance which she has to undertake after taking Sanyaas and it’s not a cake walk but she did not gave ear to my suggestions as she had decided the course of her life.

According to Parvati Mariya Giri, life of the God and Parmatma are more or less same and I want to lead the life the way they did which ultimately became the driving force of opting Sanyaas. After Parvati Mariya Giri became disciple of the saint Ramesh Giri she learned both Hindi and Sanskrit to read the Shastra, Vedas and other religious books of Hinduism. And the Sanyasin speaks Hindi in Spanish accent mixed with some words of English language also.

Source: Free Press Journal