Spirited veneration denotes Gopal Pantha’s commemoration

A fully packed Mahajati Sadan auditorium signaled the success of Hindu Samhati’s attempt to commemorate the glorious acts of Gopal Chandra Mukherjee after the infamous Direct Action day. On 16th of August, 1946, he valiantly took up arms in defense of fellow Hindus in Kolkata gainst the pro-Islamic government Bengal that schemed to uproot Hindus from Kolkata and its neighborhood. 68 years later on the same date, members of Hindu Samhati as well as ordinary citizens of Kolkata and suburbs gathered at Mahajati Sadan with a single mission to honor the great hero of Bengal and pay homage to his services on that fatef Swami Pradiptanandaji Maharaj from Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Prof. Saradindu Mukherjee from Delhi University, Ashok Mal and several others including relatives of Gopal Chandra Mukherjee. The convention was presided by Tapan Ghosh, president of the Hindu Samhati.
The event began with the symbolic lighting the lamp to honor Shri Mukherjee. This was followed by presentation by Ashok Mal (retired officer of the Indian Army), who thanked Hindu Samhati to bring out the Hindu warrior of 1946 from the shambles of history. He also stated that had there not been any such heroic resistance, Hindus in Calcutta would have ceased to exist today. He also recited a poem to define the universality of Hindus. Dr. Saradindu Mukherjee, through interpreting several references, did put before the gathering lots of unheard facts leading to the partition of the Indian subcontinent and how the unholy nexus of the British imperialists and Muslim League played a decisive role to hoodwink the Hindus. Swami Pradiptanandaji Maharaj, also belovedly called as Kartik Maharaj, struck a chord with the audience in the packed auditorium through his fiery speeches where he highlighted the plight of Hindus in contemporary Bengal and the growing need of a stiff resistance to growing Islamic fundamentalism across rural Bengal. Citing various references, he revealed that the apathy of Hindus has been their greatest adversary; their apathy has bolstered the courage of many extremist Muslim leaders that has enabled them to coerce the government to heed to their fanatic ways. He stressed that unless Hindus change their outlook and become more pro-active to save their dignity through struggle, no miracle can take place. No such miracles occur ever as it is against the law of nature. To evidence his notions, Kartik Maharaj did put forth different references related to Hindu mythology. He ended by reminding the audience that once the revolution in Hindu mindset takes place none will dare them.

 Shri Tapan Ghosh initiated his speech after paying homage to the departed soul of Gopal Chandra

Mukherjee. In his speech, he categorically stated that without the presence of this great son of Bengal the history of Bengal would have been completely different. He was found to be emotive while saying that Dr. Shyamaprasad Mukherjee was accused of accepting partition of Bengal and Punjabby none other than Jawaharlal Nehru himself which was gladly accepted by the former. In the parliament, Dr. Mukherjee stated to Nehru, “You divided India. I divided Pakistan.” But the saga of bargaining of Dr. Mukherjee would have remained defunct had not Gopal Mukherjee shown the truest feature of a brutal reprisal, Shri Ghosh said. However, the crisis did not end with the partition and a deluge of Hindu refugees from (formerly) East Pakistan followed. He noted that Muslim fundamentalism is raising its head within Bengal yet again and in several areas Bengalis have tasted it already. If there is no uniied resistance, Bengal would become the new bastion of Islamic militancy soon, to be proceeded by yet another ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims from Bengal. However, Hindu Samhati pledges to create another history of fiery resistance and not to let Islamists grabBengal. The annual memorial celebration of Gopal Mukherjee day is a declaration of the same and is the best way to pay homage to Shri Mukherjee in his birth centenary. Shri Subhas Bhattacharya and Shri Sunil Munshi presented solo songs in the ceremony. The ceremony ended by felicitating 60 daring activists of Hindu Samhati owing to their struggles and sacrifices to save Hindus.

Source: Hindusamhati