Spiritual leader celebrated

Durban – The divine Life Society of South Africa will commemorate Sri Swami Sahajananda’s 10th Mahasamadhi Anniversary Satsang on Sunday from 6am at the Sivanandashram in Reservoir Hills.

Ten years ago, on December 10, Swami Sahajananda, the spiritual head of the Divine Life Society of South Africa, passed away after guiding, inspiring and shaping the lives of thousands for 58 years.

In commemoration, the society will celebrate his life with a ganga arati from 6am followed by breakfast at 6.45am.

A children’s cultural programme and satsangs will follow with lunch served at around noon.

The society will also distribute 1000 grocery hampers to needy families and the book, Priceless Jewels, Volume 4, containing letters by Sri Swami Sivananda to Swami Sahajananda will be released.

Since 1974, Swami Sahajananda initiated almost 300 projects for disadvantaged people, comprising schools, crèches, peace and skills training centres, housing for the underprivileged, children’s homes, clinics and community halls.

Liberal financial contributions were also made to about 40 temple organisations and institutions in South Africa and institutions abroad.

He was equally concerned about the decline in social values and disseminated the teachings of Sri Swami Sivananda on correct conduct and ethical values through books and pamphlets.

Inspired by his example, the society inaugurated the Sivananda Free Book Distribution to schools.

He also interacted with all race groups and religious communities for the promotion of peace and spirituality. 

Having himself been affected by poverty at an early age, he was aware that education was the key weapon to eradicate poverty.

He fostered interfaith co-operation with the Nazareth Baptist Church by building baptismal pools and actively supported interfaith programmes.

For details on the event, call 031 262 2314.

Source: iol.co.za