Sriram Sena demands passing immediate Bill banning cow-slaughter in Karnataka

Shri. Pramod Mutalik and activists of Sriram Sena handing over the representation to Dist. Collector N. Jairam (on right)

Belgavi (Karnataka) : Cow has been given extraordinary importance in Hindu religion and it is considered as worshipful. Presently, cow-slaughter is being ignored purposely in Bharat. There are hardly 40 millions of cattle existing in a country where cow is revered so much. There is a section in our Constitution stating that cow-slaughter should be banned. Cow protectors are being murderously attacked in the State of Karnataka and rampant smuggling and slaughtering of cows is going on there.

Therefore a representation is being handed over to the District Collector N. Jairam under the leadership of the founder of Sriram Sena, Mr. Pramod Mutalik on 17th March demanding immediate passing of the Bill banning cow-slaughter and closing own all the slaughter houses in the State. (Congratulations to Sriram Sena for trying in earnest to protect cattle  ! – Editor Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

It has been stated in the representation that, since the law banning cow-slaughter has been passed in Maharashtra, cattle and beef are being exported in large quantity from Karnataka to Goa. Hence there is a need to stop this smuggling by erecting a police station at the border of Goa-Karnataka States. Mr. Ramakant Konduskar, Sriram Sena President of Belgavi District, Mr. Maruti Sutar, Mr. Balu Pawar of Sriram Sena, Mr. Ravi Kokitkar of Hindu Rashtra Sena, Mr. Rhushikesh Gurjar and Girish Kulkarni of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti were present on this occasion.

Other demands stated in the representation

1. Giving support to the products made out of Pachgavya. A samiti should be established at State level for conserving cows and it should be given the Constitutional status.

2. There should be provision in the budget for the grants to be given to each cow-shed in the State.

3. Lessons should be introduced in the school syllabus with a view to make the future generation learn the religious, social, agricultural, Ayurvedic and financial importance of Cow.

4. Police protection should be provided to cow-protectors.

Mr. Pramod Mutalik said on this occasion

1. If the Government disregards these demands then workers of Sriram Sena will stand at the border. The Government will be totally responsible if any untoward incident takes place.

2. IAS officer from Karnataka Mr. D.K. Ravi had tremendous pressure of land mafias. There is possibility that due to this pressure he might have committed suicide. If such is the case then why did the Government not take the responsibility of his safety ?

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat