Sriram Sena’s branch will be opened in Goa in September – Pramod Mutalik

“I have said on number of occasions that Sriram Sena is not a terrorist organization. No ban has been imposed on this organization. Sriram Sena is a non-political registered organization. Goa Government cannot impose ban on opening its branch in that State. Sriram Sena’s branch will be opened in Goa in forthcoming month of September,’ stated Shri. Pramod Mutalik, the President of Sriram Sena.

He said further, “Why does Goa Government feel scared of the name of this organization ? Sriram Sena has been working for protection of Hindus and Hindu culture. CM Parrikar has made the above statement of banning Sriram Sena’s activities in Goa under intimidation of ‘Drugs mafia’, ‘Wine mafia’, ‘Sex mafia’ and ‘western mafia’. CM Parrikar has been moulded in RSS philosophy. Sriram Sena is also taking the same RSS ideology forward. It is not appropriate of Parrikar to talk about banning Sriram Sena. Sriram Sena’s activities are carried on in 12 States in this country. These States have no problem with Sriram Sena; then what is the problem in Goa ? We will go to Court, in case Goa Government imposes ban on Sriram Sena in the State. Sriram Sena has been working in lawful manner, within the periphery of India’s Constitution. Our Constitution has conferred right of speech and expression to everyone. We will come to Goa and work for unification. Let CM Parrikar do his job. Sriram Sena will do its job. We will not take law in our hands.”

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti