Students with a vision for the Nation


153rd birthday of Swami Vivekanandha was celebrated with the Vivekanandha Youth forum’s Professors Conclave held on 27th January in A M Jain College Minambakkam. 65 Representative Professors and principals over 24 colleges across Chennai had attended this program. All the colleges have come together to take up a village and work as a team of 100 NSS students, help to solve the problems of the village and uplift a village in 10 months with save environment, swachh bharat agenda this year.    
It has been made possible by Sastra University by building 300 toilets to a village that has 300 families/houses without toilets. This brings the students to get collectively participatory on humanitarian grounds as well as a better understanding of society that they later work on.

The chief guests of the program were Dr. Ramamurthu (Chairman of Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering), Shri Vaidhyasubramaniam (Dean planning and Development, Sastra Univ) and Dr. T.V. Rangarajan (Organising Secretary of Ithihas Sankana Samithi.   Shri B Prakash, Prant Sampark Pramuk, Uttar Tamilnadu and Secretary, Vivekananda Youth Forum organized the event.      

It is the teachers/gurus that molds a student and hence college plays a very important role in a student’s life. Dr. T.V. Rangarajan said during the meeting that many youth of India have a perception from out of Indian view with a very small example of an Indian calling Muscat as Middle East. We all know Middle East is Middle East for US. And for India its North West, this is where the problem arises. We have forgotten were our grassroots are and we blindly talk and support the other ideologies. Mr. Vaidhyasubramanian said, the problem itself isn’t a problem, the students today are prepared for Global problems when we can’t even manage our nearby small problems. Only if the college encourage their students to solve small problems then only one can address global problems easily which is sided along with his education equally and hence a very strong India is developed!!

Source: Vishwa Samvad Kendra