Success of Hindus : Permission granted for Bijapur Dharmasabha due to order of Karnataka HC

Bijapur (Karnataka) : Superintendent of Police (SP), Ajay Hilori was trying to avoid granting permission to Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) for holding ‘Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha (sabha)’ on 25th December because of opposition of local fanatic MLAs. Shri. Amrutesh, a devout advocate filed a case with Bangalore High Court in this connection which was heard on 24th December. The Government pleader did not present its statement during hearing; as a result, Judge Venugopal Gauda issued a notice in the name of SP, Dy. Police Inspector and Magistrate for not creating any obstacles in holding such ‘sabha’.  The next hearing will be held on 27th December. The Court had holiday on 24th December; therefore, the hearing took place at the residence of Judge Gauda. Advocate, Shri. Amrutesh has lodged a complaint with Director General of Police (DIG) of Karnataka against SP Hilori for his willful behavior.

Impudence of SP !

Harassment by finding grammatical mistakes in the application of former BJP MLA

Owing to opposition by local fanatic MLAs for Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha organized by HJS on 25th December, SP did not grant permission on his own. Shri. Appa Pattanshetty, former MLA of BJP was trying to get permission and on 24th December, he submitted an application accepting all terms and conditions stipulated by the SP when he pointed out grammatical mistakes and insisted to Shri. Shetty for re-writing of the application. The mistake was only in the date and which could have been corrected even then and there; but SP purposely asked him to re-write the application only for harassing Shri. Shetty.

1. At 11.00 a.m. on 24th December, former local MLA, members of municipal council and pro-Hindu activists reached the venue of ‘sabha’ to check arrangements. The local additional SP also reached there. The former MLA saw all arrangements with enthusiasm and encouraged activists to carry on by assuring all support. The additional SP present there promised to provide security and checked the place for parking of vehicles.

2. At 12.00 noon, Shri. Girish Kulkarni of HJS and advocate Shri. Chetan Manerikar of ‘Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad’ met DIG, Dr. Rao (Belgaum, North zone) and brought to his notice, harassment meted out to them by Bijapur District SP. Dr. Rao immediately called up SP and asked for details; advising him to see that the work was done properly and to stop harassing.

3. HJS filed a petition with Bangalore High Court, in the morning, under guidance of devout advocate Shri. Amrutesh.

4. Police have not yet released 2 vehicles confiscated by them at the time of procession of two-wheelers taken out yesterday.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat