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If Hindus are to defeat their enemies, they must know them inside out.  I have written this first book on the Bible book of Genesis in hopes of revealing to my Hindu brothers and sisters the true nature of Judeo-Christians and the ideas and examples which underlay the tactics they use against us. The history and ethics of Judeo-Christians is the history and ethics of Israel, and in these pages you will learn that Israel came to power through tricks, lies, and scams.  Judeo-Christians base their lives and civilizations off the Bible, so once you know the Bible you can detect their patterns and understand their maneuvering.  We must use the Bible as a weapon against Christian missionaries and other groups, we must put them on the defensive and we must do it quickly if we are going to start winning this war in our lifetime.



Section I – Before Israel

The first ten chapters of Genesis can be described as Judeo-Christian legend and deal with the time before the “Israelites”. The Israelites will not appear in this story until the birth of Abraham in Genesis 11. Beginning with the Judeo-Christian creation myth, it takes us through the arrival of humans on earth, the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Knowledge, Cain and Abel, and finally ends with the traditional flood of Noah and lore surrounding the propagation of the modern human race.  Though these first ten chapters of Genesis are probably the least exhilarating thing you will read here, it is important to understand them because they are the foundation for everything else.

This first part of Genesis is likely the most metaphysical thing you will read in the entire Bible; it becomes increasingly more and more accurate to history as it progresses, with actual peoples and places being named. The argument being made here is not the truth or falsity of the Bible, the Bible does not need to be true; it is an “historical narratives of an ethical character” for Judeo-Christians. It is the implantation of these “ethical” principles which negatively affects the lives of Pagans today.  If the analysis given here seems to be too forward or presumptuous, keep reading, these initial pointers are to help you notice emerging patterns in the later Bible.  The entire book of Genesis is reproduced within these pages, so you are more than welcome to read the original translation from the World English Bible along with my commentary, and come to your own conclusion.

•The Garden of Eden
◦The Beginning
◦God the image of the Judeo-Christians
◦Humans are vegetarian at first
◦The Sabbath
◦The Tree of Knowledge forbidden
◦Woman (Eve) Created, Man names the Animals
◦The serpent technically did not lie
◦Betrayals and curses, a common theme
◦The Tree of Life denied
◦The Judeo-Christians as “Herders”
◦Cain kills Abel and is cursed
◦Cain builds the first city
◦Seth born to replace Abel
•Noah’s Flood
◦From Seth to Noah
◦Noah’s sons are Shem, Ham and Japheth
◦Demi-Gods born
◦The Judeo-Christian god plans to destroy humanity
◦Noah is “blameless”
◦Noah’s Ark
◦The Judeo-Christian god will make a covenant
◦Noah’s family enters the ark
◦The flood kills all
◦Water covers the earth for 150 days
◦A dove signals the ground has dried
◦Noah’s family and animals are released and multiply
◦Humans are inherently evil
◦Animals may be eaten as food
◦The Rainbow Covenant
◦The Curse of Canaan
◦Shem the favored son
◦The Table of Nations
◦The Japhetites − Descendants of Japheth
◦The Hamites − Descendants of Ham
◦The Semites − Descendants of Shem

SECTION II – The Dynasty of Crime

You have just finished all the preliminary work in getting an understanding of the foundations of the Judeo-Christian Religion.  You are now about to enter the realm of the Israelites. From now on, many but not all of the people you will come across in the story will be Israelites, starting with Abraham.  Everything you just learned about Canaan and the Semites is going to start playing out.  But the most important thing to concentrate on for now is the family line of the first Israelites, the Dynasty of Crime, with Abraham as its patriarch. This “historical” and “ethical” narrative which describes the rise of the nation of Israel is eye-opening and speaks truth to the behavior of the Judeo-Christians today.  Though the criminal intent of the Israelites is readily apparent in these chapters, be assured the worst is yet to come; the Israelites will prove by Torah’s end that they are nothing more than liars, thieves, scammers, slavers and cut throats with the ethics of low-class mobsters. However, just before we get to the Israelites, there is one last short tale that needs to be told, the Tower of Babel, and it is full of meaning for both pagans and Judeo-Christians alike.

•The First Expulsion
◦The Tower of Babel – Weapon of Confusion
◦Genealogy of Abram (Abraham)
◦Dynasty of Crime, the First Generation
◦Steal the land of Canaan
◦The first expulsion
◦Lot moves to Sodom
◦Again, the Israelites will steal Canaan
◦Lot brings Abram into the Sodom War
◦Israelites don’t accept public gifts, they prefer to lie and thieve
•The Birth of Islam
◦Please God, don’t let a pagan be my heir
◦The Israelites will fleece Egypt
◦Pagan slaves for breeding
◦Hagar thrown to the desert
◦Islam Prophesied
◦Abram becomes Abraham
◦Sarai becomes Sarah
•Kill The Gays
◦The Judeo-Christian god’s angels arrive
◦Compassion for Sodom?
◦Rape my daughters instead
◦Lot shows little faith anyway
◦Lot saved for Abraham
◦Lot’s drunken incest
•Israel Plagues Philistine
◦The Philistines plagued
◦Second Generation – Isaac is born
◦Hagar and Ishmael thrown to the desert
◦Israelite cruelty creates Islam
◦An Israelite false promise
◦Israelite bribes buy a well
◦The Isrealites must be willing to sacrifice their children for Canaan
◦Isaac’s cousin-wife is born
◦Never accept a free gift from a pagan… it’s better to get the deed
•Dynasty of Crime – 2nd Generation
◦Don’t marry a pagan
◦Abraham’s grandniece Rebekah
◦Uncle Laban makes his entrance
◦Isaac and Rebekah in Sarah’s Tent
◦The many children of Abraham
◦Abraham Dies
◦Uncle Ishmael’s kids and Islam
•Third Generation – Jacob The Deceiver
•◦Third Generation – “Jacob the Deceiver” is born
◦Jacob “takes advantage” of the situation
◦Use the Philistine Pagans again
◦The Israelites always have an excuse to lie
◦The Pagans prove nobler than the Israelites, again
◦The Israelites are asked to leave, but won’t
◦The Pagans try to make amends

•Jacob Scams Esau
◦Esau Marries Canaanites
◦Esau is promised the inheritance
◦Mother Rebekah the scammer
◦“Jacob the Deceiver” takes advantage, again
◦Peoples and Nations will serve and bow to the Israelites
◦Esau will lift this yoke
◦Don’t marry a Canaanite
•Labon Scams Jacob
◦Marry your Hebrew-Semitic cousins
◦Esau marries Uncle Ishmael’s daughter
◦The Judeo-Christian god chooses Jacob the Deceiver
◦Jacob meets Rachel
◦Uncle Laban Scams Jacob
◦Fourth Generation – Leah is hated
•Jacob Scams Laban
◦Rachel and Leah compete for children with breeding slaves
◦Rachel sells Jacob’s sexual services for hallucinogenic drugs
◦Rachel Finally Conceives: “Joseph the Bankster” is born
◦Jacob scams Laban
◦Jacob flees back to Canaan like a thief
◦Rachel steals from and lies to her own father
◦Jacob guilts Laban
◦Laban gives into the Judeo-Christian guilt trip
•The Israelites become slavers
◦Jacob plans to bribe his brother Esau
◦“Jacob the Deceiver” becomes Israel
◦Esau forgives Jacob
◦Jacob snubs Esau
◦A disputed rape
◦The Israelites set a trap
◦The first slaughter and pillage in Canaan
◦The Canaanites fear the Israelites
◦The Israelites will steal the land
◦Rachel dies giving birth to Benjamin, the 12th tribe
◦The Twelve Tribes of Israel
◦Jacob and Esau’s father Isaac dies
◦Genealogy of the Edomites, Children of Esau
•Israel sells their own brother
◦Favoritism causes family feuds
◦Isrealite brothers conspire to kill
◦Judeo-Christians are named for Judah
◦Racial purity breaks down: Judah marries a Canaanite
◦Yes, Judeo-Christians are names for Judah

SECTION III – The First Judeo-Christian Zionists & Communists

The last part of Genesis takes place mostly in the land of Egypt and clearly shows the first Zionist hijacking of a foreign civilization to make it suit Judeo-Christian needs and aims. It is certain you will see parables between the end of the book of Genesis and what is going on today in many of Judeo-Christianity’s colonized nations across the earth, especially in the United States.  The Egyptian people will embrace and shelter the Israelites in their time of need and allow them to take positions of great power within their society.  For this generosity, the Zionist Israelites, ever seeking to obtain Canaan, will crash the Egyptian economy with their influence over the central bank and food supply and then collectivize the Egyptian people into the cities, robbing them of both their land and freedom.  As the book of Genesis comes to a close, the Israelites will literally be at the top of the pyramid, using the incompetent, blind and corrupt elite as tools to obtain Zion.  Indeed, you will see that the Israelites do not see themselves as part of this civilization, but are simply feeding off of the Egyptians like parasites, gaining everything they need to return to their land of Canaan where they will eventually plan to bring the world under Zionist tyranny.

•Joseph In Egypt
◦Joseph arrives in Egypt
◦Joseph goes to jail
◦Joseph Interprets Dreams
◦Joseph interprets the Pharaoh’s dream
◦Joseph Becomes the second most powerful man in Egypt
◦More race mixing, Joseph marries an Egyptian
◦The famine arrives, and so does Joseph’s real power
◦With famine comes the Israelites
◦Israelites are not named for Reuben
◦The Israelites return with Benjamin
◦Joseph plays the game
◦Joseph springs the trap
◦Judah begs for mercy
◦Joseph is revealed
•Biblical Communism
◦Egypt pays the way for Israel
◦The Israelites plot for Goshen
◦The Israelites full of guile
◦The First Zionist Banking/Collectivization Scam – Joseph crashes the economy
◦Don’t bury me in Egypt
◦The Israelites will steal Canaan
◦Some self-important poetry
◦Jacob the Deceiver dies
◦An Israelite funeral fit for a king
◦Joseph the Bankster dies