Syrian Christian will follow Hindu Rituals and customs

There are some Christians from Syria were settled in Kochi (Cochin) long back itself, though they are Christians , they follow Hindu rituals and customs, while on wedding time, they follow just like Hindu’s by tying Thali bottu (Gold piece put in bride’s neck),if any family member die in the home, they were not prepare food on that day in the home just like Hindu’s, the neighbors will supply food etc to them, some people may believe Astrology also, their marriages are mostly arranged marriages by the elders, they celebrate Christmas, Easter and traditional Kerala festival Onam also, due to following these customs and rituals of Hindu’s they appear differently than the Christians. Famous writer Arundathi Rai , and celebrities like John Abraham, Aasin and Nayanatara also belongs to these Syrian Christians.

Syrian Christians marriage

SOURCE: Wikinut Ltd