T-Shirt Printed with “Hindu GOD with Jimi Hendrix Experience – axis: bold as love” to be recalled from KOHLS outlets – Srikanth Modi

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Dear Megan Lecus,

Recently we happen to visit KOHLS outlet in Neenah, WI.

My son, who’s 8 years old saw a set of T-Shirts placed in a rack are printed with “Hindu GOD with Jimi Hendrix Experience – axis: bold as love” .  He was disturbed to look them & told me about this.
This is demeaning Hindu deities, in order to claim the superiority of these individuals and organizations seek to undermine tolerance and pluralism.
Hinduism is one of the world’s oldest spiritual traditions. From its emphasis on non-violence and respect for all living entities, to its introduction of practices such as yoga and meditation, Hinduism has had a tremendous impact on the world. This makes it all the more repugnant that, through the spread of inaccurate and malicious content, readers are too often taught that the deities Hindus worship are demonic figures and that Hindu beliefs and practices are morally degrading.

Such misportrayals are a manifestation of bigotry and chauvinism and the unfortunate outcome of such depictions is clear to Hindu-Americans.

This is the first report from my end to systematically document this as an issue of serious concern to Hindus globally. I would request you, the KOHLS members across the country to remain vigilant for any future sales.

I have attached the pictures of the T Shirt, which brand / make it is & the Picture used to Photoshop for your convenience.

Being a KOHLS Loyal Customer for many years, I would request you to recall all the T Shirts of this brand with this print across the country from your KOHLS outlets, before it’s been taken to Department of Justice by someone reporting to include the category anti-Hindu under the possible motives of hate crimes.
Appreciate your co-ordination.
Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,
Srikanth Modi

Source: WHN Media Network