Temple Town rule a solution to protect temples

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The Christian framing of a law to protect temples proves what they fear if this rule were fully implemented

Recently, the Christian media portal Persecution.Org reported the removal of an illegal church near a temple in Telengana.  According to them, the Goverment Order (GO) 746 bill is considered persecution of Christian minorities in India.  Calling our right to question their often-illegal actions is seen as radicalism. When it is obvious that it should be a basic instinct for Hindus to protect their religious places considering past and recent attacks on temples?

Persecution.org and its faulty framing of criminal acts

On January 12th 2021 pastor Praveen Chakravarthy from Andhra Pradesh was arrested for hurting Hindu religious sentiments. In one of his videos he openly accepted that he does not rest until he converts an entire village.  He also admitted he then kicks Hindu deities afterwards. This is a crime for any other human but for Persecution.org it is framed as an attack on Christian minorities. They call Hindus who raised their voice against this pastor radicals and declared India not safe for minorities. But what is worrying these Christian Missionaries about temple town rule ? Lets find out.

Pastor Praveen talking about “Christ Villages”

What is the temple town rule?

On June 2nd 2007 government of United Andhra Pradesh introduced G.O. 746 which states that no other religious propagation will be allowed in Hindu religious places. This bill was actually passed with an agenda to grab Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam’s (TTD) land by the Congress government. A minor change to this bill can actually protect Hindu temple towns. Lets see how

If the temple town rule is executed in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, building a church or a mosque or propagating any other religion other than Hinduism in the temple surroundings will become illegal.  Missionaries that proselytize will not be allowed to do so within a certain number of meters of a temple.

Importance of temple town rule.

Many Hindu sacred places round the country are entirely surrounded by churches and mosques from Kashi Vishwanath temple in U.P. to Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu. Making this as an act across the country and implementing this strictly can control temple land encroachments by other religious groups and can also control conversions near the temple areas.

G. O. 746 can be a weapon against Christian missionaries who are actively involved in temple land encroachment and conversions in and around the temple areas.

Demanding temple town rules act is a basic right of every Hindu. Will Abrahamic followers allow a Hindu temple in the Vatican or near Mecca? Then why should we have a church or a mosque in Hindu religious places? Lets make it clear that protecting what is ours is never communal, and is NOT persecution

Jai Maa Kaali!

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