Temples Promote Greenery, Give Saplings as Prasad

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BHOPAL, INDIA, June 30, 2018 (Daily Pioneer): In order to encourage greenery to control environmental pollution, especially atmospheric heat and water scarcity, the Gwalior temples are giving saplings as prasad to the devotees. The initiative for this novel way of worship was taken by the Ganapati Temple situated at Shinde Ke Chawani. Devotees who thronged the temple on Wednesday were given saplings as prasad in place of the usual ladoos and sweets.

The original idea for this was mooted by one Deepali Srivastava, a resident of Gwalior and MBA graduate from the Punjab University, who on Wednesday offered 51 saplings at the Ganapati temple. Speaking to the media persons Deepali said that in our country, the worship of trees has been an age-old temple tradition; respect for nature and environment has always been part of the worship. Also the reverence shown to trees has contributed much to the protection of environment. She added that most of the Gurudwaras and temples in Punjab offer saplings as prasad during the monsoon season.

Source: Daily Pioneer