Ten Muslims return to Hinduism

Mumbai, 21st Oct 2012 :  In the event organized by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) here on Sunday,Another  10 Muslims converted to Hinduism here in Navjivan Sanskar Dham Temple in Bangur Nagar Goregaon West.  It was second such programme organised by VHP in a span of around 2 months where on 17th June in converted 8 Christians & 6 Muslims to Hinduism. The Programme was organized under the supervision of VHP  Zonal secretary Shri Anand Kumar Pande & was conducted under guidance of the VHP Oshiwara District Secretary Shri Aneesh Gopi Nair. All of them performed the Shudhikaran Yagna  & recited Vedic  Shlokas while undergoing the process of initiation into Hindu Religion.

Most of the people who embraced Hinduism belonged to lower middle class strata & expressed happiness to embrace Vedic faith. One Salim Mohd. Shafiq Shaikh now Tushar Parab  who participated in the Yagna with his family said “ we have come back to our mother faith on our own free will after we came into contact with VHP Activists” similiarly Shakeela Shaikh now Sakshi  was elated as well  after embracing Hinduism. Jazlyn Rahim Dosani now Gitanjali Chokde & her  son Rehan Rahim Dosani  now Reyansh Kumar Chokde  said it was her mistake of marrying a muslim 8 years back who was now deserted by her Muslim ex Husband just at a meher of Rs.500/- & it was VHP activists who encouraged  her & her son to return to Hindu fold.

As per the VHP District Secretary Shri. Aneesh Gopi Nair, All the participants of Yagna had applied for the change of name in the Maharashtra Gazzette & will receive published new names in 45 days. All the participants of Yagna were presented with Safaa (orange robes) & welcomed into Hindu fold. VHP Vibhag Mantri Shri Vivek Kulkarni gave a speech about importance of Hindu values & heritage.The programme was also attended by VHP Zonal Chief Shri Parshuram Dubey, VHP Oshiwara Chief Secretary Shri Sachin Shetty, Bajrang Dal Oshiwara Dist Organiser Shri Niranjan Pal ,Shri P Devimuthu,Editor Hindu Voice & Shri Mukesh Yadav Bajrang Dal Unit head Adarsh Nagar.

Source: Haindavakeralam