Texas -Houston: The Center for Gayatri Consciousness Appeal For Support

,Atmiya parijan,



The Gayatri Pariwar of Houston is very pleased to announce two very important events coming up in Katy at the new upcoming  temple of Ma Gayatri called ” The Center for Gayatri Consciousness”


The events are :  

Bhagvat Saptah from June 17th to June 23rd

Pran Pratishtha of the murti of Ma Gayatri , Lord Ganesh & Lord Hanuman on June 26th and 27th


More details on these events have been sent in a separate email.


Why this email?


This email is a plea to our local Hindu community to come forward and help and support the new temple of Ma Gayatri, Ganeshjiand Hanumanji and also the future home of the holy Shiv lingam.


The new temple, called the ” Center for Gayatri Consciousness”, is the very first temple in Katy and the very first temple of Ma Gayatri in Texas brought to you for your sake and for the future generation’s sake so you will have a place to make a connection with the Almighty, so you can call this temple your own place of worship, where you can send your kids to the Bal Sanskar Shala to learn Hindu culture and tradition, to learn about sanskars and divinity and most importantly how to be a good human being!


Today, this temple needs your help in the following areas!


No project is done without financial backing and now we look up to our fellow Indians for that backing to help this vision become a reality.


Even a small amount will be greatly appreciated and that contribution will directly make you a part of this little venture.


We have listed every item and it’s projected cost. You may choose one or more items to sponsor. You may also sponsor an item partially. 

For example 200.00 towards shoe rack. You may also donate an item that you may have as long as it is in good condition.


Itemized list with projected cost is divided into interior and exterior, as 2 separate parts.


 We thank you from  the bottom of our hearts for supporting this noble cause, the best you can!


Custom Shoe racks/interior : $550.00…………………….Donation proposed
Area rug                                : $200.00
Foyer light fixture                 : $199.00 or less 
Front Entry door                   : $1900.00
Appliances/furniture for pujari’s apartment:
stackable washer & dryer     : $1200.00
Kitchen sink-small                 : $85.00
fridge-small                            : $199.00
2 twin beds                             : $499.00
2 twin mattresses                   : $199.00
2 sets of sheets…………………..donation received
1 Breakfast table                   : $250.00
1 sofa , 2 chairs                      : $1000.00
1 coffee table -small              :  $250.00

5 Cabinets                              : $1000.00

Bal sanskar shala classrooms -2
2 area rugs                             : $200.00 each total $400.00
Dining Hall:
6 foot long tables                   : $45.00 each  X 10 total $450.00
Chairs  (foldable)                  : $10.00 each X 50 total  $500.00
carpet squares for sitting on the floor
100 PC                                    : $7.00 each X 100 total $700.00
For the main hall:
6 Area rugs 9′ by 12′              : $150 each x  6 total $900.00
Marble stage of Ma Gayatri, Lord Ganesh and Lord Hanuman : ……………….$2551.00
COMMERCIAL STOVE                            : $700.00
 3 compartment COMMERCIAL SINK    : $1400.00
 REGULAR SINK                                       : $150.00
4 METAL SHELFS                                     : $800.00
 METAL TABLES                                       : $500.00
 Custom shoe racks/ exterior                      : $550.00 
Outer light fixtures                                     : $349.00 ……………...Donation received
Foyer light fixture                                       : $129.00
Fibre Glass decoration……………...Please see attached picture
 Main Shikhar to go on the roof                  : $5551 .00…………..Donation proposed
 2 deras (small temples) to go on the roof   : $1451.00…………….Donation proposed
 1 Gummat for the entry way                       : $1651.00
 8 columns for the exterior                           : $401.00 each….(donation received for 3  columns- 5 columns  remain)
 4 half columns for the interior                     : $301.00 each         
 2 beams to rest on the half columns.           : $451.00 each
75′ toran for the exterior to go on the top   : $845.00
64′ border to go around the windows          : $501.00



Your sponsorship payment can be made:

1) Online –  http://texas.awgp.org/        

2) Mailed to – 19515 Cisco Ct. Cypress Texas 77433 , check payable to “AW Gayatri Pariwar Houston”


If you have picked an item from our list, please do make sure to mark that on your check with the mention of the sponsored item on the check or in a separate note or email :  awgp.houston@gmail.com


For more information or questions please contact : 

Bharat Tailor   @ 281 304 0727

Mahesh Patel @ 201 982 6028


Thank you again for being a part of this database and reading this email. 


Center for Gayatri Consciousness

20914  Park Row

Katy TX 77449


Source: WHN Media Network