The deplorable situation of Bangladeshi Hindus: Zee News

bangladeshAshis Jain | HENB | New Delhi | Oct 27, 2015:: Not alike other secular media, the Zee News has been struggling hard to depict the plights of Hindus in the neighbouring country of Pakistan and Bangladesh in a very dreadful Islamic environment.

The DNA Test of Zee News over such issues regarding the violation of Human Rights in Pakistan and Bangladesh, particularly upon minority Hindus there is serving a greater purpose of the existence of Hindus there from a fast process of extinction.

Unfortunately, these Hindu ‘genocide’,  ‘persecution’ or ‘vanishing mysteriously’ are not the concern of the so called secular intellectuals, media or the human rightists. But, going against the trend of Hindu bashing anyway,  the Zee News authority has done  this marvelous documentation  on the basis of many articles and inputs from Upananda Brahmachari, the Editor of Hindu Existence.

The Hindu Existence News Bureau (HENB) is proud to be part of  rapporteuring and  arranging interviews of Dr Mohit Roy (Key Person, CAAMB, Kolkata) at Kolkata, Subhas Chakraborty (Gen Secry, Nikhil Banga Nagarik Sangha) and Dr Madhusudan Bala (a Hindu victim of Bangladesh, now a Hindu activist in India) in Delhi.

Mr. Rahul Sinha, the Deputy Editor of Zee News is thankworthy  as he timely contacted Upananda Brahmachari and rendered a rapid recapitulation of the whole affairs.

Brahmachari conveys his thanks to the whole Delhi and Kolkata team of Zee News for the completion of this worldwide publicity about the ‘Peril’ of Bangladeshi Hindus.

Brahmachari also conveys his thanks to Prokash Das of ‘Pashimbanger Janyo’ and Animitra Chakroborti of ‘Dharma Uttan Samiti’ for providing many informations to HENB for the preparation of Data Sheet for accounting the highly deplorable situation of minority Hindus in Bangladesh.

In its youtube publication Zee News has gave the introduction for this DNA Test as, “Why is condition of Hindu’s in Pakistan and Bangladesh being neglected?

The situation of Muslims in cities and countries of Hindu majority has been highly debated. However, the deteriorating conditions of Hindu’s in Pakistan and Bangladesh have been suppressed. DNA delves deeper into the matter and provides statistics and evidence of the sorry state of Hindu’s in places of Muslim of majority”.

Here is the realityThe deplorable situation of Bangladeshi Hindus.

Taal Thok Ke: Why the atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh?

N.B. Dr. Mohit Roy of CAAMB has consented to write a piece on the “A Debate on Citizenship and Refugee status for Bangladeshi Hindus in India”. It will come up in this site in due time.

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Courtesy: Zee News.