The journey to freedom and spiritual happiness goes through leaving the comfort zone: Petra Slancova

Czech presenter Petra Slancova wants to inspire others to greater joy and inner fulfillment of life. The idea arose to make a documentary movie with a timeless loving message from spiritual masters of India. With a message that goes beyond religion, creed or culture.

Petra Slancova, the creator of the documentary movie Yes to Life, Yes to Love, has been working in the media for almost 20 years. During this time, her sense of fulfillment gradually disappeared. This led her to find answers to her questions of who she was, why she was here, and what the meaning of her life was. She realized that she wanted to be part of something that has a deeper meaning and awakened inner potential. Of something that inspires.

The answers to her personal questions began to come to her gradually through the journey of self-knowledge. She experienced a fundamental change during a seemingly unplanned meeting with a spiritual master, which opened the way to a new perception and unique experiences. In January 2016, she came up with the idea of filming her own journey into self-knowledge, and three months later she flew to attend the Kumb Melua – the largest Hindu pilgrimage in the world that takes place in India, and that offers the perfect environment for filming. Learning how to live in the present, how to overcome our fears, open up to the unknown and have confidence in our intuition, provided the basis for the creation of a feature-length documentary movie together with the documentary filmmaker Jan Kaderabek.

Petra Slancová decided to obtain a part of the funds for the completion of the Yes to Life, Yes to Love movie, which aims to spread an inspiring message to the international public, through a project on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. The campaign will be launched in January 2022.

I said Yes to life and flew to India. I went beyond my comfort zone and left my great need to keep things under control. I went through a big transformation of myself, which is reflected in the movie, and I believe that it will be a benefit and inspiration for the audience on its personal journey. Especially nowadays, “says Petra Slancova, the author of the movie Yes to Life, Yes to Love. 




Source: WHN