The Lost City Of Krishna Dwarka The Evidence


                     As you know how the flat earth believers and their cohorts, the seculars have been deriding every thing our culture and civilization put forward, from our epics to eating habits. And they call themselves scientific, rational yet advocate beef eating contrary to science which tells us increased risks in humans consuming such flesh which is only befitting for a jackal . 
Same contempt is shown also to our epics dismissing them as mythology while their superstitions remain proven since they are scientific, at least that is what they say.
Regardless their attempts to deny, denigrate every thing India in general and Hindus in particular hold , plenty of evidence is still available despite all wiping out universities, libraries containing much more .
For instance there is Dwaraka ruins seen submerged in sea just as predicted in Mahabharat.
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Use of skymaps, as clock and calenar, to record historical events in ancient Hindu texts 

September 26  
Kṛṣṇa’s Diplomatic Mission for Peace. Moon is near revati,  
and śani is at rohiṇi.   
3067 September 29  Full Moon of Kṛttika. Lunar eclipse Day  3067 October 8   Karṇa rides with Kṛṣṇa. uttara phalguni nakṣatra. Kṛṣṇa sends message to Bhīṣma and Droṇa to start the war seven days from that day, i.e. on amāvāsya at jyeṣṭha. 

3067 October 14  Jyeṣṭha amāvāsya solar eclipse. The retrograde motion of Mars before reaching jyeṣṭha had occurred several months earlier. 

3067 November  22 Mahābhārata War begins. Bharaṇi day. ग्रहौ ताम्रारुण शिखौ प्रज्वलितावुभौ ”two comets blazing with coppery red hair”. 

3067 December  12 Last day of the war. Balarāma returns on theśravaṇa Day after his Sarasvati river pariyatra. 

3066  January 17  Bhīṣma’s demise Māgha śukla aṣṭami rohiṇi nakṣatra. 
Winter solstice had occurred on January 13, 3066 BCE, śukla pañcami. MB 6.2.32: रोहीणीम पीडयन्नेष स्तिथो राजन शनैश्चरः 

Fourteenth Day of War. Moon rising at 2:30 am seen just above the horizon. 

2926 August 16 
Krittikas never  swerve from the East. Horizon map facing east at Delhi. एता ह वै प्राच्य्येइ  
दिशो न च्यवन्ते   अमी हि उत्तरा हि सप्तर्षयः  उद्यन्ति पुऱा एताः 

1807  March  27 
Full moon at Viśākha, Buddha’s nirvāṇa. अथ खो भगव चंदिमं देवापुत्तम् अराभ रहुम असुरिन्दम्गथव ऐइअभसि  
तथागतं अरहंतम चंदिम सरणं गतो   रहु चंदम पमुन्चस्सु  
बुद्ध लोकनुकम्पकती  अथ खो भगव सुरियं देवपुत्तम अरभ रहुं असुरिन्दम गथय ऐइअभसि  
तथागतं अरहंतम सुरियं सरणं गतो  रहु पमुंच सुरियं बुद्ध लोकनुकम्पकती  

1807  January  26 
Lunar eclipse. Winter solstice occurred earlier when the Sun was ear dhaniṣṭa (the position which corresponds to 270° along the ecliptic). 

1807  February  10   Solar eclipse. 
Vyāsa narrates, as Gaṇeśa, scribe, records the text. 

Vedic planetarium is treasure of astronomical knowledge bequeathed to us by our ancestors.  

Skymaps were the calendar and clock to date terrestrial events with stunning precision. 

Help it grow with additional skymaps and planetarium interactive games.


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