The Meaning Of Krishna’s Eternal Smile


Sri Krishna is believed to have lived some 5,000 years ago. He is invoked as one of the most charming and insightful avatars of Sri Vishnu. To worship Sri Krishna is to become Sri Krishna. His life ought to become the model for our lives. Krishna’s form is extremely beautiful, but this beauty is not limited to the physical form alone. It is all about the undying beauty of the heart.
Here and now
Moksha—liberation from sorrow—is not something attained after death, in some other world. It is something to be understood and experienced while living right here in this very world. Krishna taught this principle through the example of his life. Krishna’s life story teaches us the meaning of life in this world and how it should be lived. He was a mahaguru who celebrated with gusto, even life’s failures. Don’t make others cry, but live so that you make them smile — this was the lesson Krishna conveyed through his life. He is the charioteer who leads our chariot towards bliss.
Ordinarily, people like to derive pleasure from the suffering of others. However Sri Krishna’s inner bliss was the laughter that overflowed to the world from the fullness of his heart. That was why, even in defeat on the battlefield, the smile never left his face. He reminds us to laugh at our own follies and shortcomings.
A role model
Krishna is a role model for all of us, regardless of our chosen field of action. He lived as one, with both kings and commoners. Even though born a prince, he tended cattle, drove the chariot, washed the feet of others and even did menial work like clearing away the palm-leaf plates after a feast. He was ready to go to the unrighteous as a messenger of peace.
He was a revolutionary who raised his voice against improper practices. He discouraged people from offering prayers to Indra for rain, telling them to worship Govardhana Hill instead. He explained to them that, in fact, it was these hills that were responsible for blocking the rainclouds. The first lessons in environmental conservation were imparted to us by Sri Krishna. Even now we must strive to protect Nature and help maintain harmony in the world around us. When Nature’s harmony is thrown off balance, the relationship between human beings also falls into disharmony.
Full of joy
Most of us become dispirited and lazy if not assigned the kind of work we like. We need to be able to perform all kinds of work with joy and contentment. We should all strive to emulate the enthusiasm and patience demonstrated by Krishna. Sometimes circumstances will be favourable, sometimes unfavourable. Regardless of the kind of circumstance, perform your duties with enthusiasm.
Always smiling
You may engage in any and all types of duties, but inwardly, remain a witness. This is the meaning of Krishna’s smile. It is this principle that is at the heart of Krishna’s message to the world.