The two edges of Mamata’s sword: ‘Communal’ Ram Navami and ‘Religious’ Muharram

Is Offense the best Defense?

West Bengal: No case for carrying Arms in Muharram. But, why police cases for Ram Navami processions with swords? 

Mamata Banerjee must stop her torture and discrimination against Hindus in Bengal.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Kolkata | April 7, 2017:: A day after more than 200 Sri Ram Shobajayatra (Lord Ram rallies) backed by the Sangh parivar – where participants of all ages brandishing traditional weapons as mentioned in the scriptures like swords, daggers, spears, maces, bows and arrows – were held in Kolkata and across Bengal, the chief minister alleged that those who had conducted them had violated Bengal’s culture, Hindu tradition and law and order as well.

“Those trying to shock and scare with armed rallies do not know the culture of Bengal. Most of the leaders of the BJP and their associates who are trying to incite the people are not even Bengalis,” she told a public meeting in Purulia on Thursday  afternoon. (Though, maximum participants were Bengal Hindus, see, how Mamata Banerjee is trying to divide the Hindus in Bengal!)

A few hours later, West Midnapore police started a case under the Arms Act, 1959, against BJP legislator and State President, Dilip Ghosh, who was seen with a sword in Kharagpur town on Ram Navami Day (5th April, 2017).

“We have started a case under the Arms Act against Dilip Ghosh following a complaint from the public. We have the footage of Ghosh with the weapon. An investigation has been started,” said district police chief Bharati Ghosh, who is perceived to have close ties with Mamata Banerjee. Police told that the case against Dilip Ghosh was initiated upon the specific FIR lodged by one Debu Gangopadhyay of Kharagpur Town.

In Purulia meeting, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee warned the BJP of strong legal actions for carrying arms in Ran Navami processions on Wednesday and said law will take its course against such people. “There will be no ABCD … All are equal,” she said.

“Taking out a procession with deadly weapons is illegal. We are taking appropriate legal action on police complaints filed over the issue. Law will take its own course. We are keeping a close watch on the situation,” ADG (law and order) Anuj Sharma told PTI.

Reacting to it, BJP State President Dilip Ghosh accused the state government of pursuing “political vendetta” and sought to know what the government did when weapons were openly displayed during Muharram processions.

“The state can file as many cases as it wants to. I have no regrets. What were the police and administration doing when arms were openly brandished during Muharram processions? At that time they didn’t bother to lodge any case as it might disturb the vote bank of TMC,” an unapologetic Ghosh said clearly.

In state capital, the Kolkata police has filed three suo moto cases against three organizing committees for taking out armed marches on Ram Navami. Interestingly, police filed only three FIR when 35 rallies marched with weapons out of total 39 rallies held in Kolkata.  Police set section 143 [unlawful assembly], 144[Joining unlawful assembly armed with deadly weapon], 149 [Every member of unlawful assembly guilty of offence ], 153 A [Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, etc.] and 506 [Punishment for criminal intimidation] of Indian Penal Code against the three organizing committees so far, as reported.

“We have started suo moto cases against three committees of Posta, Entally and Bhawanipore areas for taking out rallies with arms without prior permission from us. Norms were not followed,” a senior Kolkata police official said.

Over 200 processions were taken out across West Bengal yesterday under the banner of Rama Navami Udjapan Samity to demand “early construction of Ayodhya Ram Temple”, ” Ban cow slaughter” and “unite the Hindus” against what they called “growing jihadi activities” in the state.

People, including students and minors were seen participating with swords and knives in some of the processions.

In this row of “Radical” Ram Navami, the bastard Bengal intellectuals like poet Shankha Ghosh or the Jihadi mentor like Mamata Banerjee took the chance to show their nudity for Radical Islam going against the ‘retaliating Hindus’ in Bengal.

While Shankha Ghosh vehemently opposed Ram Navami Rallies with weapons, he never spent any words for seeing Muharram menace through out his life in the state in which deadly weapons, chains, blades, stones. machetes are used to hurt self or others. Why he kept mum so far for such gory scene of Muharram in Kolkata and across the state?

More than 200 Ram Navami rallies carrying with swords, axes, bows and arrows in this year were completely peaceful. In many places, Muslims welcome Ram Navami rallies as well. But, WB CM Mamata Banerjee is inciting Communal disturbance for her political gain!

Kolkata Skyline. Dedicated to Bengal intellectuals for their unique understanding of Ram Navami !!!!!!

The WB State Child Rights Protection Commission asked reports from district authorities how and where children took part in these Ram Navami rallies with weapons. The Commission has woke up finally from a slumber and stunted with children with weapons as if they never heard ‘Muslims children are used in a deadly manner in Muharram with blades and weapons’ and ‘on the occasion of Bakar Eid, Muslim children are forced to take part in barbaric animal slaughter and animal blood are sprinkled over their face and body’! What a double standard of these Commissions behaving like just foot lickers of the political parties!!

But, Mamata Banerjee has retained her  No. 1 world ranking in the ‘double standard’ category.

With her strong will, Police lodged FIR against WB BJP President Dilip Ghosh almost in a war footing within hours after she warned Hindus from Purulia not to carry weapons anyway. But, where was she when her Minister Madan Mitra took part in a Muharram celebration in 2014? Madan Mitra’s picture with a dagger was published in Bartaman Patrika (Bengali daily) dated Nov 20, 2014.

Why Mamata Banerjee and her police didn’t make any FIR against Madan Mitra under Arms Act? And why Dilip Ghosh is now being vindicated?? Was the Arms Act not valid in WB in 2014 or it was not applicable against a TMC Leader and state Minister? Mamata must answer all these.

Mamata Banerjee must stop playing with fire. Why she is trying to infuse rebellion in peaceful Hindu mindset? Is it good for her existence in Politics??

Mamata Banerjee must stop retrieving Jizyah policy of Aurangzeb. Then Hindus had to pay the living tax and they had not the right to carry arms or ride horse. Only Muslims and their chosen persons enjoyed those rights. There was no equal rights of Hindus and Muslims.

At present Mamata Banerjee wants to return those horrific days of Hindu slavery of Mughal period in Bengal. Here, Muslims can organize their religious programmes and functions without any permission, but Hindus have to go High Court time and again to obtain such permission after restrictions put by Mamata’s police. Muslims can carry swords and other weapons in Muharram procession without any restrictions, but Ram Navami organizers have to face police case. Muslims Imam and Muazzins are treated as Didi’s own brothers and allowed Imam and Muazzin allowances, but Hindu priests must be treated as enemies, not even as step brothers and they are to be threatened to face bad consequences if they claim so.

The discrimination to Hindus in Bengal  is limitless. Bengal CM never cared for Hindu riot victims in Deganga, Naliakhali, Juranpur, Kaliachak or Dhulagarh. But, she did not wait any moment to declare huge monetary help for the hooch victims of Sangrampur as most of the victims were Muslims.  This Pro-Islamic tendency of Mamata Banerjee must be crushed now at any cost.

Enough is enough. Hindus must stop the Jihadi agenda of Mamata Banerjee against Hindus. So Hindus must not stop till the goal is reached.

There is a only goal of Hindus in Bengal. To reclaim Bengal as the homeland for Bengali Hindus and retain the Hindu majority in Bengal for their prosperity. Hindus of Bengal can’t agree with Mamata’s policy to  make this state as Muslim Bengal.

Actually, this Ram Navami exposed many things in reality. So, Bengali Hindus must start the real fight against the demons to ensure their own existence and sustenance.