There is need to create multi-media which will be positive towards Hindus : Shri. Nishant Sharma

Nishant_Sharma_600Shri. Nishant Sharma, Convener, Santashri Asaram Foundation for Social Affairs and Change, Pune said, “There are 70,000 newspapers and 690 news channels in this country. Everyone in the field of journalism wants special recognition. When attacks take place on media-persons, lot of noise is created about attack on 4th pillar of democracy and on their freedom of expression. In fact, such freedom of expression is being misused by them today. Presently multi-media have become cheats and are also called ‘Supari’ journalism. Today’s media channels are  anti-Hindus; because 99 % of channels are getting donations from other countries. Either a Muslims or a Christian is appointed as Editors on most of the channels. They fabricate stories against famous Saints to get high TRP. There is therefore, a need to create pressure-group of Hindus; besides having media positive towards Hindus.”

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti