‘Those who are opposing reinstatement of Hindus in Kashmir they are fraud’ – Shirish Dave

There is no need to be defensive by the BJP Government, on its program and schemes of re-instatement Hindus. One must know that these Hindus were murdered in 3000+ numbers and driven out from Kashmir in 5-7 lakhs in numbers. 15 Hindu families had tried of their own to resettled in Kashmir, they had been harassed and were tortured.
Those who are talking of change of demography are not qualified to talk on demography of Kashmir.
What have they done for Hindus when they were being murdered in 3000+ in numbers?
What had they done when 5-7 lakhs of Hindus were being driven out from Kashmir in 1990?
What have they done to punish the culprits?
What have they done for re-instatement of Hindus during last 25+ years?
What have they done themselves for the Hindus pilgrims going to Amarnath when they are being threaten every time by antisocial Muslims?
Why have they not agitated for the security of Hindus of Kashmir during 1990 and onwards?
We must know the mindset of Muslims.
Why the separatists have gained this courage to oppose the re-instatement of deserted Hindus?
It is advisable to arrest all those persons who remained in power and or presented themselves as public leaders. This is because they were keeping criminal mum and or inaction on the cases of murders and desertion of Hindus of Kashmir.
Government must arrest these leaders. Government must them in jail. Then the central Government must constitute a Special Investigation Team to prosecute all these leaders. Give them maximum punishment not less than lifetime imprisonment to capital punishment.
Since nobody has been taken to task, these Muslims and pseudo secular gangs have gained the courage to oppose the constitutional rights, fundamental rights and even natural rights of Hindus.
Who are the guilty persons?
Farukh Abdulla,
Omar Abdulla,
All other Muslim leaders of the state,
Nehruvian Congress leaders of the state and center as they failed to provide security to citizens from 1990 to 2014 though they were being paid from public funds to perform their duties.
Issue Chargesheet to the IAS officers and IPS officers for their failure in maintaining law and order for Hindus, and doing nothing meaningful for protection of security and freedom for them, from 1990 to 2014.
All the leaders who had opposed Narendra Modi on 2002 Gujarat riots, but they kept criminal mum and or inaction on  massacre of Hindus and desertion of Hindus in 1990 and thereafter also. 
मुस्लिमोंका कश्मिरी हत्याकांड, आतंक और सीमाहीन दंभ

मुस्लिमोंका कश्मिरी हत्याकांड, आतंक और सीमाहीन दंभः यदि आप मनुष्य है तो आपका रक्त उबलना चाहिये आप मनुष्य है यद्यपि कश्मिरी हिन्दुओंकी दशकोंसे हो रही यातनाओंके …
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