Thoughts On Orlando Massacre

map1_orlandoWord is changing right in front of us. We are on threshold of new future of mankind – it perishes or survives! Right in the centre will be ISIS for all wrong reasons.


50 INNOCENT people massacred and 53 wounded, some seriously, by a MUSLIIM fanatic who had come from Afghanistan, the land of Al Qaeda and Taliban, swore absolute LOYALTY to the United States and her citizens when he begged upon his knees for the privilege of US citizenship.

Mr Obama called it a crime of terror and hate. Yes, “terror & hate”, the perennial two attributes that make Islam different from Hinduism and Christianity.

The US President got it right. Two words that describe the world of Islam so eloquently.


“Orlando Outburst” must encourage Americans to favour Donald Trump. He will need to make great alliance with Fransua Olande of France and Narender Modi of India. With their known dislikes towards Islamic terrorism and proven track record of will to eliminate terrorism, the ISIS will stand good chances of elimination.

This foursome must succeed, as otherwise ISIS, which is loosing vast territories in Iraq, will search for soft ground and softer target.

What will be better for it other than India? Surrounded by Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, India will be the land where Ghazba-e-Hind – the last jihad will be fought. Supported by sleeper cells and lone wolves, the areas such as Kairana, Rampur, Muradabad and Muzaffarnagar and many such places in all Indian States will be launch-pads for ISIS fighters.

We need to prepare ourselves for that last battle for this because is the only chance of survival for India!

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)