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The Author Mr. Dhiru Shah has education from London School of Economics and Harvard Business School & Business in international trade. He is President of India Awareness Foundation, Director/Treasurer of  World association for Vedic Studies (WAVES), Social activist, writer & speaker.
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The 2014 India election will go down in the history as probably the biggest democratic election exercise ever carried out anywhere in the world. More than 500 million people in India voted in a free and fair election spread over a period of nearly two months. The election results surprised many political pundits, secularists, anti-Modi Indian news anchors and yellow journalists. The people of India rejected the adharmic, corrupt, and scam ridden UPA government led by Sonia Gandhi and voted Mr. Narendra Modi and BJP/NDA with a thumping majority.

The people’s mandate in favor of Mr. Modi and BJP/NDA has to been seen from the periscope of the last 10 years of socio/economic/political policies followed by the UPA government. The world’s largest democracy was beset with large scale corruption, terrorism, hyperinflation, ubiquitous poverty and total collapse of the economy. The people saw with great pain the degradation, moral decay and total breakdown of India’s economic, social and political institutions. The power hungry and corrupt UPA politicians with the help of politicized bureaucracy and greedy business leaders were busy filling their pockets ignoring the plight and tearful eyes of the poor and downtrodden people. As India was literally being sold and looted by these ‘worthies’ satisfying their hedonistic life style, the people felt helpless without any recourse and nowhere to go, other than the power of ballot. The age old principles of Dharmic duties of righteous conduct by a ruler were flouted at every level by the UPA government in Delhi without any fear or shame. 

In the midst of darkness, dismay and heart-ranching poverty, there appeared a hope in a man called Mr. Narendra Modi on the horizon who understood the cries of the poor and destitute; who had himself experienced poverty and deprivation and who had risen from the lowest rank to become the chief minister of Gujarat. People had seen the economic and social progress in Gujarat under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Modi. He had clearly demonstrated that with good governance free of corruption, strong visionary leadership and well planned and coordinated actions, it was possible to endeavor for prosperity and social wellbeing for all sections of the people.

So, when Mr. Modi emphasized his development agenda for India and deliver the basic necessities like water, electricity, sanitation, food and control inflation, people felt that a new Avatar had come to bring in the much needed change.    During his grueling and exhausting country wide campaign tour, his message was clear and crisp that the time had come for the people to decide if they wanted a government that not only will respect the rule of law but will also deliver. He told them that if elected, he will carry 1.2 billion Indians with him without any caste, class or religious discrimination and will not follow the appeasement policy of the UPA government.

It is history that Mr. Narendra Modi has suffered the worst witch hunt in the history of any democratic society in the world. With the full backing and support of the UPA government, several entities (for pecuniary gains and anti-Hindu religious political ideologies) from within and abroad under the façade of human rights violations demonized Modi for more than 12 years by spreading Goebbelsian lies, distortions, and misinformation. The Indian media was influenced to defame Mr. Modi at every stage. The central government agencies like CBI and judiciary were freely used to investigate and rope him and his assistants at the drop of a hat. Fabricated charges were frequently levelled against him in the court of law. In the midst of constant threat to his life and relentless hounding by the media, Mr. Narendra Modi stood like a solid rock and continued to devote all his energies in making Gujarat a model of economic and social development without ever losing his sense of direction and moral perspective. In the end, the truth prevailed. The highest court in the land, Supreme Court appointed SIT (Special Investigation Team) cleared him of all charges.

People were disgusted with the constant negative anti-Modi campaign carried out by the UPA politicians and the biased journalists. The voters realized that the corrupt, anti-Hindu dynastic rule of the Congress led government had to be thrown out and it had to be replaced by a nationalist, progressive and corruption free government under the able, ethical and honest leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi. When the time came to vote, people from all sections leaving aside their differences and prejudices; poor and rich, old and young and Hindu and Muslims; decided firmly to cast their ballots overwhelmingly in favor of their new found avatar, Mr. Narendra Modi.

Within a short period of three months of the election, Narendra Modi has already made tremendous progress in revamping the Indian economy, streamlining the entrenched bureaucracy, strengthening Indian military, and recasting nationalist foreign policy. Today, people of India have started to believe that ‘Ab Acche din Anevale hai’ (now good days are going to come).  It is no secret that India today is in the hands of the most dynamic, visionary, incorruptible leader with unbounded energy and guided by the Dharmic laws and the ancient Indian traditions and culture. Narendra Modi is expected to make India as one of the most influential countries with economic prosperity, social progress, military strength and spirituality in the world in the very near future. Till then, we have to walk and even tread the paths which past leaders could never imagine. We wish and hope Mr. Modi remains blessed with good health, energy, vigor and vision.

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