Truck carrying 42 cattle handed to police by Ahimsa Sangh’s activists

1381431095_cattlesCongratulations to the activists of the Sangh for their prompt action in saving the cattle !Why cannot police see what is seen by cow-protectors despite having all the management in their hand ?Sack such police !9 cows and a calf dead

Nashik (Maharashtra) – A truck carrying 42 cattle was handed over to the police by the activists of Ahimsa Sangh and have also registered a complaint.

1. Having realised that cattle was being transported in a truck, the activists Shri. Vikas Gunjal, Shri. Narayan Bhapkar, Shri. Jaysingh Rajpurohit, Shri. Pandharinath Murkute, Shri. Rajendra Padol followed the truck.

2. The driver had a doubt and he parked the truck at a place and ran away.

3. There were 29 cows, 11 calves, 2 oxen, that is, in all 42 cattle were there in that truck. Cows were kept one over the other.Hence, 9 cows and a calf were found dead. Intestines had come out from the stomach of the dead cows. (Hindu Nation is the only alternative to punish those responsible for this killing of the cows. – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

4.    The remaining cows were sent to a cow-shelter.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat