Tuktuki Mondal case in Calcutta High Court: “Great Victory Today” – Hindu Samhati

 unnamed (2)Tuktuki’s mother Sima Mondal at Diamond Harbour court.
Tuktuki Mondal case in Calcutta High Court: GREAT VICTORY TODAY.
Interim Judgement delivered today by Hon’ble Justice Dipankar Dutta.
Court order very exhaustive and detail :
Tuktuki’s parents will get custody of their daughter.
Tuktuki’s study has to continue. 2 private tutors have to be arranged for her for Mathematics and English subjects. She will appear Secondary Examination without attending her school in Mograhat. WB Board of Secondary Education will ensure it.
Child Welfare Committee will keep vigilance over Tuktuki.
National Commission for Women and its Chairperson Lalitha Kumarmangalam took great trouble to save Tuktuki and return her to parents. NCW became party in this case in High Court. It made a lot of inquiry and submitted report to High Court.
Tuktuki Mondal’s parents and her family & relatives are happy today. We’ll get written order till afternoon. Expectedly tomorrow after producing the court order to the Juvenile Home where she is now, we along with Tuktuki’s parents will bring her to home.
Source: WHN Media Network