Twitter slams Kamal Haasan for ascribing terrorism to Hinduism

Kamal Haasan today raked up a huge ruckus by claiming that existence of Hindu terror was real and that right wing groups have a big role to play in that. In his column in a Tamil magazine that hit stands on Thursday, he claimed that Hindus have now started employing terrorism and the right-wing outfits resort to communal violence.

Following his controversial statements, the south superstar was trolled on Twitter for ‘irresponsible blabbering’ without any proof.

If Kamal Haasan has a shred of evidence on Hindu terror, he should place it before NIA. Else, apologise. And let parties make stand clear

Today, 6 ISIS suspects identified in Kerala and instead of questioning to CPI(M) Govt, Kamal Haasan giving sermons about Hindu Terror. Wah !

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Kamal Haasan should either back his blabber with evidence of Hindu terror or Apologize. Peddling lies for Political gain. A wannabe Periyar.

Kamal Haasan didn’t see these IS cheering Tamil boys, neither he could recollect those tearful days of ‘Viswaroopam’! Busy on Hindu Terror!

Not only Hindu, every faith has extremists. But why Kamal Haasan doesn’t name the faith which is contributing to 90% of global extremism?

Kamal Haasan’s statement is irresponsible & childish.
Mr. Hassan, how many so-called ‘Hindu terrorists’ have you seen posing with an AK47?

Haasan drew ire over ‘hypocrisy’ in conveniently overlooking ‘tearful days’ of Vishwaroopam row.

Kamal Haasan was about 2 be beheaded by Muslim Terrorists before the release of his movie Vishwaroopam.
Looks like he has short term memory.

Those Hindu terror groups abused Kamal Haasan & made him pee in his pants during his movie, Viswaroopam’s release 

Some attributed these remarks to his ‘hidden political ambitions’.

Kamal Haasan talking about Hindu terror to launch his political career..

Ye naav 2014 se pehle doob gayi Aur in bhai ko ab isme chadhna hai

Kamal Haasan has clearly not done enough preparation to enter politics as much as he usually does for a role . Disappointing