Udupi: Kalladka Bhat calls for unity among Hindus, cautions about Love Jihad

Udupi, Sep 14: M N P Vidwan Siddhaveera Mahaswami, Kudli, Mahasamsthana, Talaguppa inaugurated valedictory ceremony of golden jubilee of Ganeshotsav committee, Kadiyali, Udupi here on Tuesday September 13.

In his blessings he said, “One can get blessing from God through devotion. Hindus often tolerate personal insults but we will not tolerate insults of Hindu religion. No one should get affected by religious conversion and should follow his/her religion with devotion.”

“Religion conversion, attacks on Hindus and riots are on the rise in coastal area. Many people become victims of these incidents which is sad,” he said.

Addressing the gathering, RSS leader Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat said, “There was no problem of money, perusing education and job in pre-independence era. Balagangadhar Tilak brought out Ganesha from his house only to unite people not for getting into power but to protect India’s culture.”

“Everyone stood together for independence of India. Interestingly, things have changed after independence. Harassment and insults over the word ‘Hindu religion’ and hurting the feelings of Hindu community has been happening from the last 70 years. To unite all Hindus, organization such as Ganeshotsava committee has been formed.” Bhat added.

Continuing his speech, Bhat said, “Unless we protect our mother, motherland and mother tongue, it is tough to protect Hindu religion. Worship of mother happens only in India but she remains as a thing in other countries. Mother symbolises sacrifice, offering, trust and patience. A mother teaches culture (samskara) to her children.”

“We are losing all satvas (principles). A true feeling lies in our mother tongue. It gives us samskara which does not mean that we need to neglect other languages. The old India map is not the same today. Nearly 43,000 square meters of Kashmir land is occupied by China and part of land has been captured by Pakistan. Hindu society will be realized only when a majority of Hindus are there in the country.” Bhat said.

“The most number of suicide cases is reported in America. India is the only country which gives true happiness. People here worship each and every thing with devotion. Innocent minor girls are becoming victims of fake love and they are being targeted. Protection of cows is not happening in the land of Lord Krishna. The anti-nationals have even reached to insult Hindu goddess Durga of Kateel. Brotherhood can be seen only in India. If it is gets hurt by some people, Hindus will not remain silent.” Bhat concluded.

Bhat urged the gathering to unite for protecting human interests and world peace.

Suresh Shetty Gurme, businessman, T Gowtham Pai, director, Manipal group of institute, Dinkar Shetty Herga, Sukumar Shetty, ex trustee of Kollur Mukambika temple, B Appanna Hegde, dharmadharshi, Sri Mahalingeshwar temple and others were present.

Former MLA Raghupati Bhat welcomed the gathering.


Source: daijiworld.com