Unfortunate Time for Hindu’s holy temple Pashupatinath’s country

NEPAL 31 March 2014. Nepal officially belongs to Hinduism and Buddhism. It has preserved its dignity from antiquity. There has never existed any discord between the religious shrines of Swayambhunath and Pashupatinath. It is not that the land was free of foreign intervention before and after the unification. The foreigners have shed blood, conspired and put the land under multitude of pressures during the Malla-Era and after the creation of greater Nepal. The enemies have fueled the discord existing between the weak rulers of Nepal. However, the nation has always preserved its sovereignty. Now, the enemy has entrapped this nation, not letting it fly. They have used the selfish political leaders, particularly the Maoists, to destroy Nepal’s dignity, unity and identity. The question of saving the nation from such pressure and conspiracy has fallen on the shoulders of patriotic Nepalese, army, security organs and constitutional heads.

Why are the foreigners backing the Maoists to end Nepal’s dignity? The question is easy. The Maoist party contains a faction of Christians and by instilling fear of the Maoist army they want to turn Nepal into a Christian state. They want to destroy the historically significant values and Hindu identities. The Maoists are indisposed to talking about Nepal’s creator Prithvi Narayan Shah and other national heroes. In a meeting of the Constitutional Council a Nepali Christian of Maoist party Stila Tamang inveighed against Prithvi Narayan Shah. She vented her ire that when she hears the name of Prithvi Narayan Shah she becomes annoyed. Such traitors are also a citizen of Nepal. If it was the case in other nation such a traitor would have had been hanged.

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai when he was the PM of Nepal had created a big issue talking of his conception of ‘merge and submerge with China and India’. Baburam Bhattarai had and has proved it and made Indian intelligence wing happy. On this context democratic youth Narayan Prasad Bhattarai writes,-‘Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai must immediately be relieved of his position and should be punished as a traitor,’ To become Prime Minister, Baburam Bhattarai agreed with the Madhesi parties on four-point deal, backed by Indian intelligence agency, including ‘One Madhes One State’ and induction of 10,000 Madhesi youth into the national Army. He made Prachanda sign the pact with the support of Indian intelligence agency-RAW and took the support of Madhesi leaders tainted with corruption scandals. How shameful it was such culprit became PM?

No matter how much PM Bhattarai attempts to deceive the people it can not hide his true nature as an extreme traitor. Shortly after assuming office he removed the provision for wearing traditional Nepali attire on official occasions. He decided to remove the statue of king Tribhuvan from Martyrs’ Gate. He disliked not recognizing the contribution of the nation’s creator Prithvi Narayan Shah. What kind of revenge is hatching against the father of the nation, Tribhuvan? He had decided to remove Bikram Sambat Era, which is the property of sovereign Nepal.

On this subject a veteran journalist Durgan Nath Sharma writes, “No one will benefit from the current acts of insult against nationality. The Maoists do not wear national attire, even the ministers have parted with it. Whether it was the general assembly of United Nations or any other international convention the national attire of Daura Suruwal, Coat and Topi (hat) would have been an object of attraction. Today, it is not so! The Maoists call themselves the leaders of the needy people but they live in luxurious houses. Their leaders are escorted by six vehicles. They drink black–level in the evening. Can they call themselves leaders of the poor?’
Maoist leader Druba Rupakheti of Mohan Vaidya faction writes, “All the secrets of the party have been revealed. Indian expansionism and its brokers want to destroy the revolutionary line in the Maoist party. Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai’s coalition government attests to this design. He was forwarded under the long term strategy to arrest Vaidya faction in India and destroy the transformative line of the nation and the party. The Chunwang meeting and its decisions are the fruits of this design. After the formation of the incumbent government the heated question of nationality is being taken to the river and cooled. This government will soon declare the Vaidya side non-nationalist element. India had been looking for a person like Mahendra Chaudhary of Fiji, now it has handed such responsibility to Baburam Bhattarai.’

‘This alliance was also designed to take the nation on the path of ‘Sikkimization’ (refers to annexation of Sikkim by India-1975). The South Block, intelligence agency ‘RAW’ and JNU-Delhi faction and establishment side are them. Baburam is the most trusted person for them. Many views of China have already proved that they look upon Maoist chairman Prachanda as ‘made in India’. Baburam Bhattarai is a character that India relies on. The European Union has also supported them. The influence of the dollar and other foreign currency in Nepal’s internal life is increasing inconspicuously. Through the use of leaders and foreign agents they are erasing Nepal’s existence. Nepal’s leftist leaders have become the toys of imperialists and capitalists. In terms of ideological and practical terms the Maoist party has fallen in such a way that it is irrecoverable’.
Can we expect peace and prosperity in Nepal under such unsocial party leaders? To come to power Nepali Congress leader late Girija Prasad Koirala and UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal submitted to Indian advice to bring Maoist in the mainstream politics through 12-point pact. They bore Maoists on their shoulders to instigate the people’s uprising in 2006. This criminal act is causation for consequences manifested in the instability of the nation. Leaders that have carried out such criminal acts are in the regime, some are outside it and barking worthlessly like mad dogs.

The question of whether to tolerate the injustices of these leaders or to save the nation against them is in front of the patriotic Nepalese. Why is Nepal Army being a spectator to this retrogression? Historically, the responsibility of saving the nation has lied with the national army. None of the armies of the world has ever remained a mute spectator whenever nations have fallen under the grip of traitors. Nepal Army must look to China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and Malaysia among others to play a decisive role. Even India may side with Nepal Army for it is not only the problem of Nepal. This disease may even spread to China and India. Tomorrow this disease may spread beyond and this region may become a land of terrorists as has been witnessed in Afghanistan. Peace and stability will be lost. May such situation never arise!

Source: International