V.H.P.A. Of New Jersey Holds First Annual Hindu Heritage Day

VHPA 2 (2)

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America-N.J., held its first annual “Hindu Heritage Day” July 9 at North Brunswick High School, attended by over 900 people, including children of all races and religions, according to organizers.

Several activities and events took place simultaneously over eight hours in which 11 nonprofits as well as local food and clothing vendors participated.

The main attraction was the cultural program in which over 250 students performed classical music and dance while others recited poems and sang traditional hymns. One group even staged a play in Sanskrit. Theater groups performed two hour-long plays, which were well-received. Swami Adhyatamananda, a well-known monk spoke at a seminar on stress relief.

Another significant program featured advice from famous Hindus in the form of quotes on several universal topics.

“VHPA wants to engage second-generation youth and their families to connect with their heritage, and also give them a platform to exhibit their talent and skills,” said Brahm Sharma, president of the N.J. Chapter.

Arun Joshi, another main organizer of the event, said that by making HHD an annual event, an effort is being made to help the public understand Hindu values and different aspects of the Indian tradition.

The organizers look forward to bringing even more diverse crowd to the event, especially youth and those unfamiliar with Hinduism or who want to learn more about it.

Source: News India Times