Vatican Secret Agency Behind Campaign against Mata Amritanandamayi: VHP

images (1)Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) International president Ashok Singhal on Friday alleged that a secret agency under the Vatican Government was behind launching the malicious campaign against Mata Amritanandamayi and her Math. He told a news conference here that Mata was not only one of the top spiritual leaders of the country but a great spiritual figure venerated across the globe as well.

‘’There is a conspiracy against our mahatmas, sages and saints. Jihadi elements and fundamentalist forces have launched a malicious campaign. Some Communist organisations also feel satisfied in tarnishing Hindu spiritual leaders whenever they get an opportunity,’’ he said.

He urged the television channels in Kerala, especially the ones under the control of the jihadi elements and fundamentalist forces and the Left, to refrain from maligning Hindu spiritual leaders.

‘Sonia Tried to Tarnish Sai Baba’

Coming down heavily on UPA chairperson and Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Singhal alleged that Sonia Gandhi persuaded a Greek woman, who was a close friend of her, to raise allegations against Sai Baba in 2004.

Singhal said that in 2004, a messenger of Sai Baba had met him in Chennai and told him that a Greek woman, a devotee of Sai Baba, had told the Baba that Congress president Sonia Gandhi wanted her to raise allegations against Baba.

The VHP leader said he was sure that some agencies had instigated Gail Tredwell to write such a book.

‘’Sonia Gandhi belonged to Vatican, where there is a secret agency with enormous funds under the government with branches across the globe, which can fabricate any number of such cases. This secret organisation called Opus Dei, which has office in New Delhi, was behind the conspiracy to malign Mata and other Hindu spiritual leaders,’’ he alleged.

‘’Sonia Gandhi knows that spiritual leaders like Sai Baba and organisations like RSS command respect among the masses. She had told her Greek friend that she wanted the saffron clad people to be destroyed for easily ruling the country for long,’’ Singhal alleged.

‘Proscribe Holy Hell’

Singhal said the Vishwa Hindu Parisahad and the conglomeration of Hindu organisations were asking the government to proscribe the book ‘Holy Hell’ by Gail Tredwell. Asked whether the proscribing of the book would serve any purpose as it has already become viral in the social media, Singhal said still they wanted the government to proscribe it.

The VHP leader said a convention of seers and spiritual leaders of more than 200-year-old Matts and spiritual centres has been convened in Kochi on March 23 to discuss the future course of action.

Source: The New Indian Express