Veda Vyasa Jayanti celebration on 1st April


2014 Veda Vyasa Jayanti is celebrated on 1st April 2014, Tuesday. Sage Vyasa Jayanti celebrates the birth anniversary of Vyasa, the author of famous Hindu epic Mahabharata. It is said that Vyasa appeared on different occasion to spread Dharma and hence Vedavyasa Jayanti is celebrated on various dates in various regions. Veda Vyasa Jayanti in Vaishaka month is on 12th May 2014.

Veda Vyasar is an important figure in Hinduism and is one of the seven Chiranjeevis (immortals) who are believed to be still in existence. Vyasa classified the Vedas into four parts. He is also the 4th member of Rishi Parampara of the Advaita Guru Paramapara of which Adi Shankaracharya is the chief proponent.

Guru Poornima or Vyasa Purnima is another important festival dedicated to Sage Vyasa. The date of 2014 Vyasa Purnima is on 12th July.

Source: Sacred Hinduism