VHP aims to maintain harmony among sections of society

ALLAHABAD: A meeting of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad was organised at Magh Mela on Monday in which leaders and seers discussed ways to maintain harmony among various sections of the Hindu society.

Addressing the gathering, Poonam Sant said the matter of Hindutva should always be supreme in VHP’s discourse and all followers should strictly adhere by it.

Though there was a varna system in ancient India but its form disintegrated during the Mughal period and the coming of Europeans.

Organizational secretary of VHP Jai Bahadur informed that there will be various ‘gotra sammelan’ from April to October commencing from Chaitra Navratra. Further, there will be ‘samrasta yagna’ and ‘samrasta seminar’ in which drive will be launched for adding members.

Source: Times Of India