VHPA Joint General Secretary Shri. Sanjay Mehta visited Houston, TX


VHPA Joint General Secretary Shri. Sanjay Mehta visited Houston, TX on Feb 09, 2013 . During his purposeful visit he educated Houston based Hindus about VHPA , its projects and programs and ways to get involved like Hindu American Vanprasti Network (HAVAN) for senior citizens and retirees, Hindu American Women Network, Coalition of Hindu Youth (CHY) , Hindu Mandir Executive Conference (HMEC), AHAD (American Hindus Against Defamation), Support a Child (SAC) etc, also feed-back and questions were discussed about VHPA—it’s goals, mission and objec-tives and long legacy of (Est. 1974) so-cial service in United States and World-wide. Post Hindu Unity Mantra and prayers by Shri. Yogesh Naik, Shri. Dhaval Joshipura (Mid west USA VHPA) educated the audience about the programs North Houston Unit plans to conduct like Monthly Satsangs (singing sacred Hindu songs), joint Hindu festival celebrations, Dharma education to chil-dren by mothers (under Chetna program) and annual family camps. Shri. Pravin Vyas—President of VHPA Houston Chapter informed about current VHPA activities like Kite Flying event (occurs in mid Jan) and family camps (in mid June-July). Rahul Chandra (North Hous-ton Unit coordinator) informed audience about celebrating Hindu Heritage Day and Hindu Awareness Yatra where prominent Hindu leader visits and share wisdom and knowledge on contempo-rary issues Hindus face. Post listening to such projects catering to youth, profes-sionals, women and senior citizen re-quirements , three new members from audience joined VHPA via ONSPOT Membership program.

Audience were also informed about the persistent contribution of VHPA in nurturing and up-bringing Hindu leaders which now occupy key leadership roles in universities, literature, advo-cacy groups, academics, student organizations and women empowerment organizations across the nation . Later an introductory session was conducted where new members introduced them-selves and were greeted by all and were gifted book on Swami Vivekananda ji discourses and Hindu Vishwa (VHPA quarterly published magazine) and other books published by VHPA for Hindus residing in America like Hindu Prayer Book for Hindu Chaplains, Hindu Antyeshti San-skar guiding Hindus about conducting final rites and Chaitanya Bharti. Also books based on great Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata from Sanskruti Samvardhan Pratishthan (Mumbai based Org) were shared for Dharma education curriculum as reference guides along with information on books from Swami Dayananda Saraswati –Arsha Vidya Gurukulam which are main course books on Dharma education at VHPA chapters across nation.

Later in evening Shri.Sanjay Mehta ji reached out to leaders & activists of Hindu community based in Sugarland area and informed audience there on various upcoming projects and sponsor-ship opportunities for VHPA projects. Overall the visit was fruitful with informative sessions for audience, existing members and new members with creative presentation models, art figures and testimonials videos were conducted. VHPA North Houston Unit thanks all for the support, help and good wishes. Sanjay Mehta ji can be reached at jt_gensecy1@vhp-america.org.

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