VHPA worker Rahul Chandra gets “The Global Hindu Service Award” for Pakistani Hindu Refugee Relief Program


Rahul Chandra ( Director – PHRR Program) & Rajiv Varma ( GHC Convener)

April 19th 2014 (San Jose, California, US):  VHPA Worker Rahul Chandra received Global Dharma Service Award for Pakistani Hindu Refugee Resettlement in India. The award was given at Global Hindu Conference (GHC) at San Jose, California.

The award was given under the service category of awards (Education – Research – Service) GHC annually gives to activists, writers and persons creating impact towards global Hindu empowerment.

Rahul Chandra, a veteran Hindu activist is global director of ongoing Pakistani Hindu Refugee Relief Program. Pakistan Hindu Refugee Relief Program (PHRRP) is an ongoing global program to provide relief and assistance to migrated Pakistani Hindu Refugees in India and globally. Assistance majorly comprises groceries, items of daily sustenance, 8in * 10in Tents for family (04 person capacity), medical visits by doctors, medicine purchase, legal assistance, requests and meeting facilitation with local and state administration for facilitating relief in terms of land allocation, water and accommodation in Govt. sponsored shelter for homeless. The program currently is assisting refugees based out of cities of Rajasthan and Delhi /NCR region. The program is an umbrella project of multiple US based Hindu organizations like World Hindu Council of America (VHPA), Hindu American Foundation (HAF), Hindu Congress of America (HMSA) and various Sindhi Groups based out of USA. In India the program is being supported by members of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Hindu Helpline and Youth for Nation volunteers. As more refugee camps are located, the program plans to expand in operations. More information on this program can be researched at: www.pakhindurefugeerelief.wordpress.com

He told audience that it was his personal visit to camps in late 2011 to cover testimonials of Hindu refugees based out of Rajasthan and post hearing real testimonials about grave human rights violation abuses melted out to Hindus in Pakistan, he and members of VHP Raj. initiated this program. Later US groups joined in helping raise funds and community support.  He suggests Hindus to visit these camps and talk to refugees as a best way to understand the importance of Hindu Dharma and country. He expressed hope from state and central governments of India to grant work permits, ID’s and citizenship to Hindu refugees along with suitable land for settlements.

Rahul Chandra co-dedicated this award to volunteers from US based groups like HAF, HMSA, VHPA, US Sindhi Groups etc. and Indian counterparts like Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Hindu Helpline, and Youth For Nation etc. He thanked India based ground coordinators – Mr. Vikram Parihar (Western India Co-coordinator) and Mr. Hemant Kumar Sharma (Northern India Co-coordinator) from New Delhi collectively who have around eight camps totaling thirteen hundred persons in scope of this program.  

His presentation ended with a note of salute to Pakistani Hindu Refugees who fought all human rights abuses and still stood tall in preserving and retaining their Hindu roots. Audience gave a big applaud and salute to Pakistani Hindu refugees brave hearts. 

SOURCE: GHCMedia Via. WHN Publisher