VHP’s Reconversion drive : 26 Christians & Muslims revert to Hinduism in Mumbai


October 5,2014 Mumbai : After the controversial Reconversion of 72 Christians of Seventh Day Adventist Church in Asroi village of Aligarh on 26th August in Uttar pradesh & 15 Christians of Hasayan Village in Hathras district in Uttar Pradesh followed by Reconversion of 11 Dalit Muslims on 5th September in Shivpuri District of Madhya Pradesh, in yet another Reconversion drive by Vishwa Hindu Parishad ( VHP ) around 26 Christians & Muslims from 9 families embraced Hinduism in Mumbai.
The programme was organized at Masurashram Temple where all the Participants were brought by VHP for the Shuddhikaran rituals.
As per VHP Sources in total  17 Christians & 9 Muslims converted to Hinduism. All participants had given applications to VHP to take them in Hindu fold.

mumbai_5_Oct_reconversion1Taking Diksha for their reconverion back to Hinduism

Those who returned back to Hinduism included 60 Years Old people like ‘ Samwell David Rajwadi’ who now changed his name to Babla Bhai Rajwadi narrated their tale. According to Samwell he was a born Christian but however is Grandfather had been converted to Christianity by Church of Brethren, a Protestant Denomination located at Dahanu (110 km from Mumbai) in Maharashtra about 125 years back. As he mentioned “My Grandfather Abel Fulchand was poor tribal  & he was offered a job at Brethren Mission Hospital at Dahanu, But their only condition was that he had to baptize to Christianity and in such a fragile economic condition 125 yrs back, I believe that could have been only option for him but now I am happy that after Three generations we are back to our roots” As per him there were around 5 Christian Families in his Saravali Village who had been Christians for centuries  but now all of them have reconverted back to Hinduism with No Christians now left in the village. As per him VHP leaders regulary visited their villages holding meetings with families convincing them to return to mother fold.
Similar feelings were expressed by Anthony David who now became Vishal  also belonged to Church of Brethren. Valli Raman (earlier Elizabeth) who was baptized to Christianity in Year 2009 in Tamilnadu by Assembly of God Church, as she said “ Those Pastors are literally bunch of Liars, they ask you to cease your relationships with your relatives after conversion & when you require them, they disappear, I am happy to return back to my faith”. There were also Two brothers viz Sam Denis who now became Madhavan Nadar & Lenis Mani now renamed as Vijay Nadar were born Christians since birth belonging Roman Catholic Church in Dharavi, Mumbai but after meeting VHP people about 6 months back they decided to adopt Hinduism. Similar feelings were expressed by Alamelu Kounder who was converted to Christianity about 4 years back by Eternal Life Fellowship Church of Santosh Nagar in Goregaon East, but now voluntarily returned back.

Similiarly Arshi Tabrez Khan from Ulhasnagar, Sector 29 who now became Manisha & Sana Thara from Vasai,Stella area who converted to Hinduism along with her son Shakeel (now Swayam) said I was a Hindu married to Muslim 38 yrs back but after my Husband divorced me, as adviced by VHP officials I along with my son decided to convert to Hinduism. There was also Sayed from Yari Road, Andheri area who now became Pachen Thevan.

As per VHP Zonal Secretary Adv. Anand Kumar Pande under whose supervision the conversion took place “This is part of a continuous process.We have reconverted hundreds of willing non-Hindus, we will intensify our reconversion drive very soon.”

Similiarly Bajrang Dal Palghar Organiser Shri Sushil Shah said that, “We are in touch with Christian & Muslim families & will plan another such programme somewhere near Maharashtra-Gujarat border.”

All participants were given Certificates & their Name change Gazzette copies.

The programme was also attended by VHP Dharmprasaar Konkan Pranth Pramukh Dr.Ramdayal Dhondiyal, VHP Zonal Chief Secretary Shri Parshuram Dubey, VHP Oshiwara District secretary Shri Aneesh G Nair, VHP Borivili Mantri Shri Sanjay Mishra, Agniveer Regional Co-ordinator Shri Vashi Mant, & local Bajrang Dal, RSS volunteers.     

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti