Video – Inspired by Indian PM Narendra Modi ‘Swachcha bharat Abhiyan’, Chicago Hindus initiates ‘Swachcha NRI Image Abhiyan’

From Himanshu Dave:
As we know our Prime minister has started Swachcha bharat Abhiyan. I also want take part and continue it. 
But from my point of view, we don’t need to clean India but also we need to clean image of Indian People. 
I live in Chicago currently and one day I was walking of Lawrence street and there I saw one notice, “INDO-PAK PEOPLE DON’T SPIT YOUR PAN HERE”. Just think how much embarrassing it. I really felt bad as an Indian. 
And during this time Mr. Modi inspired us for “Swachcha India” and I have decided to clean it. 
As a member of GIBV, I want to share it with other members to encourage them to not only clean India but make clean Indian people image.
Here I am sharing video and Photos. If you team members feel it comfortable, please share it with our other members.
In photo you can find that label, how bad it was and how I clean it.
Video: (Pleae copy and paste it in browser):
Jay Hind 
Thank you,

Himanshu Y Dave