Vidya Gyan Partners With Ekal For Nepal Flood Relief Project

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Dear Vidya Gyan Friends,

We write to say THANK YOU and express our sincere appreciation for your generosity toward Nepal Earthquake Relief fund. We had solicited your contributions with a commitment to identify an appropriate agency who is actively involved in the rehabilitation of schools and/or providing health services in Nepal. Following our due diligence we have identified Ekal Foundation with its mission to bringing education and village development similar to that of Vidya Gyan.


Why Ekal Foundation? Please note that they have opened over 50,000 schools for basic and holistic education in rural communities including about 1,500 schools operating in Nepal’s rural areas.Ekal has already pledged INR 2 crores (over $ 300,000) to help rebuild Nepal. What struck a chord with Vidya Gyan is Ekal’s plans for building hostels for earthquake-affected children, building community center(s), and their commitment to food, health and rehabilitation efforts in Nepal from the day of devastating earthquake.


Vidya Gyan has raised a total of $ 2396 (about 150,000 INR) to be forwarded to Ekal Foundation shortly. We were competing with many charities in our area and globally for the same cause. However, we are very pleased that even as a new organization, Vidya Gyan is able to make a difference in post-earthquake Nepal’s reconstruction efforts due to the generosity of our donors.


Updates about Vidya Gyan: 


  • A sister organization named Vidya Gyan India has been registered in India.
  •  VidyaGyan now has PayPal on its website to receive your tax-exempt charitable contributions.
  •  VidyaGyan continues to develop plans for its project Saluting Mothers, Empowering Daughters| Sukanya Scholarships around Dewali (November) in India. The project was announced on the Mother’s Day pledging to offer a more secure future for rural girls under 10.

 We are always in need of your ideas and contributions; please write to us and contribute generously.




Vijendra Agarwal, Ph.D.

Co-founder and President VIDYA GYAN

(A 501 c(3) Charitable Organization committed to:

Encourage Education.Cultivate Knowledge. Enable Development

Source: WHN Media Network