Vijaya Prapti Homa for Modi Raj performed by Dallas NRIs

A large number of NRIs from Dallas, Texas USA have been organizing various activities discussing about the plight of Hindus in India and the present government policies affecting the very existence of the ancient civilization. If the anti-Hindu trend continues the majority Hindus will be either terrorized, butchered or converted. Not only Hindus have to recognize their pathetic condition, but they have to go back to the history of  Islamic rule, British Rule and Congress Party vote bank politics to find out the pathetic condition, Hindus have been living for the last ten centuries.

Recognizing the need to heed George Santayana’s words “Those who do not learn from the history are doomed to repeat it,” NRI’s had several discussions talking about the condition of India. In the proves they have seen a rare hope in the policies of Narendra Modi, his laudable effort in changing Gujarat, his views on the infiltration of Bangladesh Muslims into India, preservation of Vedic culture in Bharath, and his vision for the country. In supporting his policies and his  inclusive approach to bring back the Rama Rajya concept of government, NRI’s in Dallas, Texas have been conducting Chai pe Charcha meetings on a weekly basis, and organized a public meeting to discuss about the future of Bharat, and the need to preserve and protect the glory and grandeur of Hindu culture.

On April 19, a number of Dallas NRI’s performed Vijaya Prapthi Homa hoping to change the course of direction in India through the election of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister with absolute majority. Homa was started with sankalpa by all those who assembled for the occasion, followed by Ganapathi Puja and Raja Rajeshwari to remove the obstacle as well as to receive the energy and good vibrations to actualize the dawn of bright future for Bharath. Then Homa was performed by all those who attended the Homa amid the powerful mantra chantings by the priest to create positive vibrations as well as to rectify the negative energy spread through out India. The Homa was completed by offering purnahuti with a wish to see much needed change in the leadership in India and also to sow the seeds for bright future.

Pictures taken during the Homa and video clips of the event are attached for your information.

2104 Vijaya Prapti Homa for Narendra Modi – Sankalpa Puja