Vishva Hindu Parishad of Australia Inc – 5th Australian National Hindu Conference


Conference theme: “United communities, United Australia”

THE Vishva Hindu Parishad of Australia Inc. (VHP Australia) has been working with the Hindu community in Australia with a view to strengthen the multicultural fabric of Australia. To this end VHP Australia has been organising national conferences for the past four years. These conferences have been successful in providing a single platform to Hindu organisations to network and present their activities on how they are serving the local community. These conferences have also provided an opportunity for the Federal and State Governments to become aware of the Hindu community and the services it provides to the local community. This year, the Vishva Hindu Parishad of Australia (World Hindu Council of Australia) is organising the 5th Australian National Hindu Conference in Brisbane and welcomes you all to this unique event. The Conference entitled “United communities, United Australia” is to be held on Saturday 27th August 2016 in Brisbane, Queensland. Please note that this is not a philosophical or a religious conference but a community conference.

Venue – Mercure Hotel, 85-87, North Quay, Brisbane 4000
Time: 8.00 AM to 5 PM

Hindus constitute 15% of the world population. The 2011 Census of the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicated that Hindu Dharma is one of the fastest growing religion in Australia. Hindus have always been a contributing community in the society they live in. As Hindus, we need to consider ourselves privileged as we are representing one of the most ancient and profound spiritual traditions and cultures that is an ocean of spiritual knowledge.
On the other hand, there is also a significant lack of understanding and awareness of the great values that Hindu Dharma upholds. The Vedas are the fountain head of profound knowledge that the entire mankind can benefit from. As Hindus we believe in – ekam sat viprāhbahudhāvadanti- that Truth is one but is described in many ways. This belief has made Hindu Dharma inclusive, plural and diverse. Unity in diversity is a hallmark of Hindu Dharma. As the rainbow is made beautiful by the seven different colours, so also the
diversity within the Hindu Dharma makes it strong, beautiful and resilient. The Hindu society is diverse in terms of language, traditions, food habits, costume, art and customs. Vishva Hindu Parishad of Australia believes in the ideals of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (world is one family) and has been actively serving the community to this end.
In Australia, there are Hindus from different countries, there are many Temples, Organisations, Associations, Institutions, groups and individuals working actively to serve Hindus and the wider Australian society. The goal of this conference is to bring them all together on one platform and showcase their contribution to Australian society. The 5thNational Hindu conference will be an opportunity for Hindus from all over Australia to come together, highlight their activities and outcomes in serving the community. It will also be an opportunity for united Hindu community to showcase to the government and political leaders and to the wider Australian society, how the Hindu community is contributing to strengthening the multicultural fabric of Australia. Hindu youth are our future. This conference will also focus on the significant role our youth are required to play in preserving our values and culture for posterity, contributing as a good citizen towards strengthening Australia.
The conference sessions would cover the following topics:
1. Working with Government
2. Collaboration among Hindu Organisations Temples and Associations
3. The role of Hindu Youth in preserving the Hindu Dharma in Australia
4. Bridging the gap among the Hindus from different countries
5. Hindu Organisations, Temples and Associations serving the society
Registration fee $50 per person (includes conference material, morning and afternoon teas and vegetarian Lunch).
Organisations, temples, associations and individuals are welcome to send their interest regarding participation in the conference either as a group or as an individual to:
Mano Krishnamohan
Vishva Hindu Parishad of Australia Inc., Queensland Chapter
Phone: 0431 375 926