Vivekanad Sewa Sangh Japan : 4th Shakha in Japan – Summary Report


Today we had our 4th monthly Shakha and here are the summary points:
1. VSS Japan has celebrated Durga Puja (100+ attendance) and will celebrate Netaji’s birth anniversary in Jan-2015.
2. We had a small brain-storming session where each of us shared the various philanthropic projects we are involved in.
3. We all took a pledge on what we will be doing for our Janm-Bhoomi (India) and Karm-Bhoomi (Japan) in next one month, this we will check during our 5th Shakha.
4. We have also taken a pledge to do some volunteer activity in Tokyo as a group by the end of Nov-2014
5. Besides group discussion, we had some physical games and Surya Namaskar which was very well received by everyone including kids and ladies 
6. Some Sevaks have also pledged to start weekly Shakha in Ibaraki prefecture and we have handed over a “Dwaja” (as we were having two) to them. Hopefully we may also be able to witness another Shakha in Chiba prefecture with kind efforts from Keshav Ji and his friends. 
7. We are also planning to create a blog or website where we can archive the reports, photos, etc and to get some group t-shirts printed. 
Kind request:
If possible please allow us to make an humble request for a guest speaker from India, to deliver Baudhik via Videocon during our next Shakha, that will be held on Nov-16. 
On behalf of Vivekanad Sewa Sangh Japan 
Source: WHN Media Network