Vulnerable network

Military communications and cyber security

A bank in the capital city of India is unable to transact business because of a glitch in the computer network. It takes several hours, sometimes the whole working day before the link is restored. This happens routinely almost every week. 

The MTNL’s new, costlier, broadband internet service is disrupted most of the time and one has to daily dial 1504 to complain into their IVRS recorder or leave a message with their customer care department. Customers wonder whether we need Pakistan or China to do this when we are doing a very good job of providing inefficient and incompetent services to the public. 

Cyber experts are of the view that the more there is an expansion of commercial activity the more vulnerable is the network centricity system to interference/invasion by cyber attackers.

Cyber terrorism

Since both military and civil information communications nodes are intertwined the vulnera

SOURCE: Strategic-affairs