War against adharma

hinduismCreation, sustenance and dissolution happen continuously through the Sankalpa of the supreme being. Creation is possible with Rajas, protection with Satva and dissolution with Tamas and hence the three gunas are believed to abide in varying proportions in the united form of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva in the Hindu triad known by the term Trimurthy. The Lord who appears to be asleep when in Yoga-nidra is ever alert and aware of every activity happening in the universe. Similarly Siva’s cosmic dance is symbolic of the entire range of tasks that keep the universe intact and in constant evolution.

When the Lord of unequalled valour and the very indwelling soul of creation incarnates as Rama to put an end to Ravana’s atrocities, the three gunas are subsumed in Him, said Sri B. Sundarkumar in a discourse.

Ravana had become a powerful asura king and a terror to the three worlds. The celestials were unable to confront him by any means. The elements of the universe, including the sun, the ocean and the wind were forced to restrain their normal routine. No harsh wind could blow in Lanka, the sun had to shine with regulated heat and the ocean had to keep the waves under control. Such was Ravana’s reign that interfered with the workings of Nature.

Early enough, Hanuman warns Ravana that one who has won Rama’s disapproval by wrong deeds cannot hope to be saved even if Brahma, Rudra or Indra chooses to help him. Even the combined might of the all the forces in the universe cannot hope to fight against Rama. But Ravana seeks his destiny at the Lord’s hands. The celestials assemble to witness the fight to the finish — a fight that is unique and one of its kind.

Source: The Hindu